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Top 3 Projects for Warmer Weather

As the weather starts to warm up, people start to spend more time in their backyards enjoying the sun and garden. Summer is a great season to get involved in some improvement projects to freshen up your home inside and out.

Three projects that will improve a home’s appearance and save money on summer energy bills are treating or replacing windows, investing in energy efficient lighting and appliances, and working on improving your backyard or deck.

Treat or Replace Windows

Older windows can raise energy bills because they let in heat and let air conditioning out. Treating your windows can seal them, so they can keep the house cool again. Treating or replacing windows can save up to 10 percent on your energy bills. Think about how much money that is for the entire year!

Indoor treatments include thermal curtains and blinds that keep out the heat. Closing the curtains will prevent heat from getting in and many stylish options that match any home’s aesthetics are available. Outdoor treatments are fixing torn window screens and using caulk to seal seams.

If the windows seem to be beyond repair, replacing them is the next best option. Choosing new windows that fit the home better will keep heat out and save money overall. Windows with double- or triple-pane glass are effective in keeping heat out of the house. If you want a local, reliable window replacement company, consider Mr. Roof! We have been in business for over 50 years, and we offer premium products with some of the best warranties in the industry.

Choosing Energy-Efficient Appliances and Lighting

During summer weather, appliances and lighting may start to feel warmer in the house. This is because some of these items raise the temperature indoors from the heat they give off. To cool down the home and save money on your electric bills, switch out lights and appliances for more energy-efficient ones and improve the look of the home while saving money over the long term.

Improving the Backyard and Deck

The backyard and deck are prime places to hang out during the summer. Sprucing up the area will not only make it look more attractive, but it can actually help you cool down your house.

If the soil in the backyard is looking a little dry, watering, pulling the weeds, and adding fertilizer can perk up the garden and landscaping. After that’s done, planting some trees near windows will provide shade and cool the home’s interior. Installing awnings will also add shade to doors and windows and can prevent excess light and heat from entering.

If the deck is the focus this summer, take a few days to power wash, sand, and stain it. This will bring the deck back to life. Using materials that reflect light will keep the area cool. Painting parts of the house with lighter colors will also help to keep everything cool for the summer.

All these projects are great ways to keep busy, improve the look and feel of the home, and save some money on energy bills by keeping the house nice and cool indoors. This way, enjoying time outdoors in the sun this summer will be lots of fun, but once it gets too hot, retreating to the comfort of a cool home will be a great way to relax. Mr. Roof professionals have a variety of replacement window options available to suit all your needs as well as your budget; contact us today.