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Michigan is not a state that takes kindly to damaged roofs. With thick, snowy winters and soggy springtime, homeowners need to be proactive about roof maintenance, repair, and replacement to prevent precipitation from seeping inside. Every season in Livonia, MI poses a different threat to roofing materials. Protect your home by trusting Mr. Roof, Michigan residents’ roofers of choice.

Roofing Services We’re Proud to Provide

crew_new_585x544As licensed residential and commercial roofing contractors, Mr. Roof has what it takes to complete any sized roofing job. Your roof is the only thing that stands between your home and the elements, which are notoriously harsh in Michigan. Don’t do your home the disservice of trusting anyone but the best roofers in Livonia, MI. When you partner with Mr. Roof, you can rest assured you receive services that will boost your property’s aesthetic appeal and protect it from the weather for years to come.

Roofing services require a certain level of expertise. Any contractor can install a roof, but not everyone can guarantee the highest quality roof replacement and installation. At Mr. Roof, we’re so confident in the quality of our roofs that we provide lifetime labor and material warranties on premium roofing systems. That’s right, as long as you live in your home or own your business, we’ve got you covered. There’s no fine print in our warranties to worry about, either. The roofing services we offer include:

  • Shingle roofing repair and replacement. With more than six decades in the industry, we’re certified to install almost every shingle manufacturer’s system on the market. We can handle virtually any size shingle project, usually in a single day with our large crews.
  • Flat roof services. With certifications from most commercial roofing manufacturers, we’re equipped to handle all types of flat roofs. From EPDM rubber to PVC and asphalt, our team can repair or install what your business needs to thrive.
  • Certified roof coatings. The coatings we provide for our roofs are completely certified and can easily fix water leaks and waterproof your investment. Our coatings can also reflect ultraviolet rays, proving enhanced energy efficiency and protecting your roof from sun damage.
  • Patented Equalizer roofing system. Mr. Roof is the only Livonia Roofing Company that provides our patented Equalizer system. This is a vented roof system that enables building owners to place a new roof on top of an existing roof. This eliminates the time, expense, and waste generated by removing old roofing. It uses a seamless membrane system to significantly reduce the chance of roof leaks.
  • Free roof inspections and price estimates. We love offering free inspections to home and business owners in Livonia so potential customers can see the Mr. Roof difference firsthand. During our free inspection, we’ll tell you if we see any inefficiencies or signs of damage on your home.

Roofers in Livonia, MI need a special skill set to know how to account for local weather conditions. Mr. Roof knows what local citizens need from their roofing systems, which is why we’re a top rated roofing company in the country. Join our more than 250,000 satisfied customers by calling for your free roof inspection and estimate today.
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More Than Reliable Roofing

Top Rated Roofers in MichiganAlthough roof is in our name, Mr. Roof provides much more than roofing services to Livonia, MI. We wouldn’t be the best roofers in Livonia if we stopped there. We offer full home repair services, including gutter repair and siding replacements. We have the tools and abilities to work on residential, commercial, and multi-home properties easily and efficiently. We truly do it all so our customers don’t have to communicate with more than one company. Our services include:

  • Roofing. We offer premium roofing systems such as shingles and metal roofing.
  • Gutters. Repair or replace your gutters to lengthen the life of your roofing system and wick moisture away efficiently.
  • Siding. Choose your material, style, and color from our long list of vinyl, composite, cement, and solid core options.
  • Windows. We create custom windows and install them in your home with expert care.
  • Masonry. Chimney repairs are part of the job when you’re an expert Livonia roofing company. We’ll inspect and repair your brick, stone, or stucco chimney crown.
  • Insulation. Roof insulation optimizes your energy efficiency and maximizes the comfort of your home.

When you trust Mr. Roof for your roofing services, enjoy the expertise of our team members, not an outsourced third party. Our caring, personal touch is one of the many things that set us apart from the competition. Next time you need any kind of roofing service, trust Mr. Roof.