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The roof is the most important feature of a building. The integrity of a home or business’s roofing system can determine the property’s temperature, energy efficiency, storm preparedness, moisture resistance, pest control, curb appeal, and more. A new roof is also a significant financial investment. To get the most for your money, you need to hire the most trusted roofing company in Michigan. You need Mr. Roof of Grand Rapids or Mr. Roof of Ann Arbor.

What Makes Mr. Roof the Best Choice in Michigan?

Mr. Roof has worked hard since its foundation in the 1960s to earn the trust of its customers. Mr. Roof has always put the needs of the customers first ? before profits or expansion. The company started from humble beginnings, and although today it’s one of the most well-respected roofing companies in the country, Mr. Roof has never forgotten its roots. We still value customer satisfaction above all else, going above and beyond to show we care. Mr. Roof’s customers enjoy the following services and benefits:

  • Quality roofing with state-of-the-art materials, tools, and techniques
  • Use of tested, proven, and ASTM ORUL-approved products
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Same day guarantee on most roofing jobs
  • Lifetime warranties on many roofing materials and products
  • High-rated roofing systems such as RoofGuard and ThunderGuard
  • Flexible financing options suitable for all homeowners

Despite building a customer list that spans thousands over the last few decades, our technicians still see the individual behind every roofing project. When you hire Mr. Roof Grand Rapids or Mr. Roof Ann Arbor, you’ll work with local professionals who truly care about the customer and the craft. All of our technicians work closely with customers to identify their unique roofing goals and needs. Then, we customize a solution and get to work. We didn’t become the most trusted roofing company in Michigan overnight. It took years of commitment.

Why Trust Mr. Roof?

We know vigilant customers need more than just our word to fully believe we’re the most trusted roofing company in Michigan. That’s why our website has proof of our gorgeous finished roofing projects and customer satisfaction. Real customer testimonials for Mr. Roof rave about our exceptional roof repair, maintenance, replacement, and installation services. One customer of Mr. Roof Ann Arbor says:

“I could not be happier with Mr. Roof. They do everything exactly as the salesperson said they would do. I always go out of my way to recommend Mr. Roof to everyone.”

We also welcome you to browse our renovation gallery with photos of real projects Mr. Roof has completed. Mr. Roof understands the importance of totally trusting the contractor in charge of replacing something as important as your roof. We aim to provide quality assurance and peace of mind with as much proof as you need of our top-quality services. We’re more than happy to discuss our qualifications, licenses, past projects, and more during a free roofing consultation in Michigan.

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