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Updating Your Roof in Dearborn, MI

How old is your roof? If you don’t know the answer to this question, find out. Old, outdated roofs at the ends of their lifespans won’t work as efficiently as they should. If your asphalt roof is more than 20 years old, schedule an inspection.

A roof update could lower your energy bills, fix that irritating leak, and better protect your home during the next Dearborn, MI storm. At Mr. Roof, our inspections are always free and completely honest. Schedule yours now!

Three Benefits of a New Roof

droned-homeYou might think of a new roof as a major investment with hardly any returns – after all, the roof you have now has worked fine for years. What you aren’t considering are all the problems your old roof is likely causing your home without you noticing.

Old roofs can lose shingles in storms, exposing your roof to potential leaks. A hidden leak can soak your insulation and create water damage in your attic long before you notice your home is letting in water. Curled or cracked shingles trap moisture in your roof, developing mold growth and rotting the wood. Updating your roof can solve these problems and give added benefits, such as:

1. Better home energy efficiency. Your roof is the single-most important source of insulation in your home. A faulty roof does a poor job of controlling temperatures, leading to higher energy bills. Replacing your roof can result in a significant drop in energy consumption, as the shingles and insulation properly ventilate your home.

droned-house-22. Increased property value. If you’re thinking of selling your home in the next decade, roof replacement will allow you to raise the asking price. When buyers hear that you recently replaced the roof, they know this means they won’t have to make this investment soon after purchasing the property. A new roof will also look great from the curb.

3. Low maintenance. Don’t pay for multiple expensive repairs when a new roof would be a wiser investment. With Mr. Roof, you get a lifetime roofing warranty on labor and materials on premium systems. You won’t worry about the health or maintenance of your roof ever again.

Installing a new roof enhances your home’s safety, saves it from damage, and protects your home investment. It can eliminate the risk of mold growth and water damage, preventing thousands of potential dollars in foundation repairs. The list of benefits you receive when you update your roof is almost endless. Pair your new roof with an efficient gutter system and new siding for a home that’s truly ready for anything.

Updating Your Roof with Mr. Roof

Mr. Roof has been a trusted local roofer in Dearborn for decades. Our materials, techniques, and processes have earned us an excellent reputation in the community. With Mr. Roof as your contractor, you can enjoy a new roof in just one day of work. That’s right – we can complete most re-roofing jobs in a single day without compromising quality. Get in touch today to explore all the benefits of updating your roof!