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Hiring a Cleveland, Ohio Roofing Contractor

What To Look For When Hiring a Roofing Contractor in Cleveland, Ohio

Repairing or replacing your roof is no small undertaking. That’s why you should consider your options carefully when selecting a Cleveland roofing contractor to take on the job. It’s important to not go into the search blindly, and be armed with a list of criteria and things to look for, so you can make a well thought out, educated decision. 

  • Experienced 
    You want to find a Cleveland roofing company that has years of knowledge and experience in the business and didn’t just open their business last Tuesday. This experience will ensure the company hires quality installers, has quality controls in place and knows what the best practices are when it comes to repairing or replacing a roof. 
  • Licensed in your area
    Roofers have to have experience before getting a license and it’s also a prerequisite to obtaining insurance, so you’ll know you’re hiring a qualified roofing company that knows what they’re doing. Furthermore, a lot of states require you to hire a licensed roofing company, and there can be heavy fines if you hire a company without one.

  • Insured
    While it may be cheaper to hire a Cleveland roofing contractor without insurance, you could be putting yourself at risk in the long run. If a worker gets injured on the job, an uninsured roofing company could hold you responsible for covering the costs, whereas those costs would be covered by an insured company.
  • Reviews
    Before hiring a roofing contractor, it’s always a good idea to check online reviews. This will give you a good idea of the kind of work they do and whether the quality standards are there. If you see a company with a lot of negative reviews, it’s probably best to steer clear.
  • Willing to provide an estimate
    Getting an estimate is a great way to see how much your roofing job will cost and avoid surprise charges later. But beyond that, a quality estimate will provide you with so much more. A good Cleveland roofing contractor will sit down with you and go over the estimate line by line, so you clearly understand the price. They’ll also explain the warranty that comes with your roofing job, including how long of a workmanship warranty comes with the project.

  • It’s not all about the price 
    As with anything else, it can be tempting to go with the cheapest option when deciding on a roofing company. But this decision can get you in trouble later. A lot of times, unreputable roofing companies will be cheaper because they don’t have a license and don’t carry insurance. Not having these two things can prevent you from taking legal action if the work isn’t done properly or result in a heavy fine from the state for not working with an insured company. 

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