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When Do I Need to Replace My Home’s Windows?

Determining the longevity of your home’s windows is dependent the quality of materials you choose to invest in. Window style,  weather, and maintenance are also factors in how long your window will last. Windows require proper care, maintenance, and protection from the elements to have the longest lifespan possible. Where the windows are located will also play a role in longevity. In the eastern US, our elements can range from extreme cold and snow in the winter to hot, humid weather in the summer. These elements are physically damaging to certain home features, windows included.

Material Matters

Here is an average lifespan of different window types:

  • Aluminum- 20 to 30 years
  • Insulated double pane- 10 to 20 years
  • Vinyl- 20 to 40 years
  • Fiberglass- 20 to 40 years
  • Wood- 30+ years
  • Skylights- 10 to 20 years

The lifespans above are estimations of each product type and may not reflect the actual life of your windows. As mentioned, much of the life expectancy for windows is determined by maintenance and other issues regarding the environment. In addition to the varied weather systems in our region, you must consider a few other factors when determining window longevity in a home.

Water Exposure

Repeated exposure to water can cause a window system to have problems early in its life. Many homeowners have automatic sprinklers set to water their yards. If the sprinkler system is constantly hitting the window or window frame the water will eventually cause damage to the window. Wood frames are especially susceptible to damage from sprinklers.

Another issue that will cause damage to your windows is pressure washing. Homeowners often include this chore in their spring cleaning routines, without being aware of the damage they cause. Pressure washer use on windows, especially at close range, can break the seal between the glass and the window frame. When the seal breaks, it releases the inert gas held between the panes, resulting in the window’s loss of insulation. Without gas present, the double pane windows perform little in the way of insulating against heat loss. If your windows have a broken seal, condensation will form between the panes, making your problem obvious.

Poor Quality and Installation

Do-it-yourself is great for some small projects, but window installation isn’t one you should tackle on your own. Professionals who install windows perform this task daily, understanding how to best install the windows to account for structural settling. Installation by non-professionals or less than reputable companies will shorten the lifespan of your windows. Most often, leaky seals develop and cause further damage when people install windows incorrectly.

Poor quality materials can also cause products to fail sooner rather than later. High-quality windows and frames are one of the best guarantees for a window’s long life. Be sure that if you install or replace windows, you research the products available on the market today. Leave the work to the professionals, but make sure you research the products involved to gain a better understanding of your home investment.

Avoid Weather Exposure

Skylights are notorious for having short life expectancies, simply because they are constantly bombarded by the elements. Wind, rain, snow, ice, sun, and frost wear these window systems down quickly. Skylights have no protection from the elements, so if you are looking to replace a skylight, be sure to use high-quality materials to help with longevity.

Exposure to the elements for wall windows is also a factor in determining longevity. The windows that face the sun all day will show the first signs of wear and tear. Seals will dry out and older window glass may become discolored. The same is true for wind damage. Many houses have one side that sustains damage from incoming winds. Windows on this side of the home will wear down faster than those on other sides of the home. Windows without roof overhang protection or trees to block elements will see their windows aging prematurely.

Find a Reputable Window Company

The first step in ensuring windows have a long life is to find a reputable window company for installation. Research companies and ask specific questions about their products and installation process. Some companies will hire third-party laborers to install their products, which can make the window systems much less reliable. Find a company that employs professionals who install windows daily to guarantee that windows are properly installed. Never allow a third party to install the windows, however high quality the product might be.

Protect Windows From the Elements

Window exposure to the elements is impossible to avoid, so work on lessening the exposure. Planting trees or other fauna can help shade a window and block winds from constantly hitting the windows. If aesthetically appealing, awnings are also a possibility to help prevent constant sun exposure. Be sure to never power wash your windows, which will break the seals on your window frames. If you have an automatic sprinkler system in around your home, ensure they point away from the house. Constant sprinkler exposure to windows or external walls will have detrimental effects.

Make Sure You Get a Warranty

One way to guarantee the life of your windows is to find a company with a lifetime warranty. Companies and manufacturers who provide strong warranties are confident in the quality of their products. Mr. Roof provides a lifetime transferable warranty for window installations. Local people manufacture, design, and guarantee our products. If your product fails due to manufacturer or installation error, we will cover labor, installation, and product costs to replace them.

The Mr. Roof Promise

Local companies are the most reliable in almost any industry. Unlike large nationwide corporations, our business is built on our reputation. We stand by our products and installation services, to guarantee that we take care of our customers. Our window installations are designed for efficiency, comfort, and long-lasting lives. Our features include:

  • Energy Star certified products
  • Lifetime transferrable warranties
  • Glass breakage warranties
  • Guarantee of lowest seal failure rates in the industry
  • Scratch-resistant glass protection
  • Local, professional personnel

We will not only professionally install your windows and frames, we will also help ensure the environmental elements around your windows are not causing undue stress on your window systems. With our high-quality windows, frames, and installation, we guarantee the life of your windows will be extended. Call today to receive a free estimate!