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When to Replace Gutters?

Seeing the leaves hanging out of the gutters after the long winter reminds us of one of the core maintenance pieces of our homes. It is pretty obvious when it is time to clean out your gutters, but the signs that it is time to replace them is somewhat harder to discern. Here are three sure signs that it is time to have your gutters replaced:

  1. Rust. When galvanized steel gutters are nearing the end of their lifespan they will develop rust. In some cases, rust may not be on the outside of the gutters. If you notice leaking, check the inside of the gutters ? particularly in the corners.
  2. Sagging. Gutters should always be hanging at a slight slope toward a downspout. If they start to dip in the middle, water and sediment can harbor and cause further damage to your gutters. Sometimes, sagging will occur if the hardware securing the gutters to the house is worn out or in need of attention.
  3. Leaks. If you notice leaks coming from the corners of your gutters, it is time to replace them. Leaks usually are apparent when water comes out from behind the gutters. However, leaks can occur in other areas of the gutters as well.

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