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Why Chimney Crowns Are Important

Why Chimney Crowns Are Important

With weather conditions getting more severe than ever, having a fireplace in the house has become a necessity. A lot of people are opting to have a chimney, as this is the most time-tested way of keeping a house warm and comfortable. But having a fireplace in the house isn’t as simple as it might seem. You have to have a perfect mechanism for it, and a perfectly maintained chimney for the optimum results.

Chimneys are the most important part of a fireplace. They help the flow of air and work as a road to let the smoke exit. Maintaining the chimney is essential. You have to understand its inner workings and what aspects are important, such as the chimney crown.

A chimney crown is important when it comes to protecting the chimney from all the damage that can be caused by weather conditions such as rain, snow, sleet, or ice. The crown is a concrete slab that closes the opening at the top of a chimney. The top of the flue covers the top of the chimney crown, which is then covered by the chimney cap. The mechanism saves the chimney for moisture and increases its life. Here are a few more reasons you need a chimney crown:

Keeps the dirt out

This is the primary purpose of a chimney crown. It saves you the hassle of cleaning it frequently. Since the top of the chimney gets covered, there is no place left for dirt to get in.

Protects from weather conditions 

A chimney crown saves the whole of your fireplace from severe weather conditions like rain, snow, sleet, or ice—preventing moisture from getting in. If you have ever had a fireplace in your house, you know how problematic it is when there is even slight moisture in the fireplace.

No more nests

We often see birds creating homes in the chimney in the spring and summer. A chimney crown leaves no room for birds to get in, putting that struggle to a stop.

Added elegance

A chimney without a crown looks like it’s missing something. Putting a crown at the top completes the look of the chimney, making it look pleasing to the eye. Add a crown to complement your house and pull it all together.

Cost and Value

Getting a chimney crown isn’t very expensive, and the value it provides makes it worth every penny. You can easily find ready-to-install crowns, or you can have them custom made by your design. If you have never had a crown on your chimney, try it now! You will surely be amazed by the results.