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Winter Roof Maintenance


Our roofing clients understand the realities of the wintertime. Though there are certainly parts of the winter that are fun and cozy, it is also a time where extreme temperatures, heavy snow showers, and harsh conditions can cause issues for visitors and residents alike. No one in this area is immune to the effects of cold weather.

If you own a home, you must take proper steps to protect your home from winter weather. Fortunately, there are simple steps you can take both before wintertime and after it has arrived. These steps can help you to protect your home, family, and the integrity of your roof.

Before winter

Late summer or early fall is the best time to begin the process of protecting your roof. If you can be proactive about your roof, you can avoid large problems and issues when the cold weather finally arrives.

Preventative maintenance is extremely important and can save you a lot of time and money. Be sure to perform these tasks yearly to ensure your home remains a healthy and safe place to be.

Clear debris

A lot of debris, yard waste, and other objects often make their way to a home’s roof during the summer and fall months. Be sure that you clear the debris from your roof quickly — and before the temperatures fall below freezing. By removing leaves, sticks, garbage, animal nests, and other hazards, you can make sure that these objects don’t get lodged or stuck on your roof during the winter. If leaves and debris remain in your gutters, for example, the water from melting snow will have nowhere to go in the spring. This can cause flooding or other issues for your roof.

Check attic ventilation

Your attic’s ventilation is important in warm months, but it helps in cold months as well. Attic air flow and ventilation affect the production of ice dams, and the wrong amount of ventilation can cause serious damage to occur. If your attic is too warm, it can melt ice and cause drips and other flood hazards. It is important that air properly flows through your attic during all times of the year.

Have an inspection

Scheduling a roofing inspection for the early autumn helps to make sure any damage or issues can be repaired before the cold sets in. Small problems like broken shingles and faulty flashing can cause major issues during the wintertime. However, they are often easy and inexpensive to fix if you catch them early enough. An inspection helps to make sure you catch these issues before they become major hazards.

Trim trees

You should have your trees inspected and trimmed before it snows. Snow is often heavy, and when it falls on a weak branch it can easily cause it to break. Falling branches can cause significant damage to a home’s roof. 

It is best to remove weak, diseased, or broken branches before the snow to avoid any risk of falling debris on your roof.

During the winter

Even if you have prepared for winter, you still need to be diligent about your roof during the winter months. Though some conditions are beyond your control, you can keep a close eye on the condition of your roof so that you can remedy any issues as soon as they arrive.

Remove snow promptly

Snow is a main cause of wintertime roof damage. Whenever it snows, make sure you remove the snow quickly and efficiently. Though it may look nice, snow creates added strain on your roof. The extra weight can be enough to make the roof collapse or exacerbate holes or cracks that are already there.

Snow can cause issues even if there is only a small amount. When snow melts, it can cause unwanted moisture on your roof and around your shingles. This can lead to ice dams and other damaging scenarios.

Watch for wind

Though snow is a major danger of the winter season, wind can also be serious. Watch closely for wind damage after storms or heavy wind gusts. If you notice that part of your roof is broken, bent, dented, or missing after a bout of heavy winter wind, call a roofer right away.

Contact the professionals

As a qualified roofing company, Mr. Roof has all of the resources you need to prepare for and endure the winter. Your roof has to withstand a lot in the winter, from rain and wind to lots of snow and ice. By keeping an eye on your roof, you can notice any potential problems. If you do see anything, get in touch with our trusted roofing professionals to get the matter fixed as soon as possible.