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4 Reasons Fall is the Best Time to Update Your Home

Reasons why Fall is the best time to update your home

Most people try to complete big construction projects over the summer, but they’re missing out on some key benefits of updating during fall. While spring and summer renovations make use of longer daylight hours and little rain, it’s also when contractors are in high demand. Materials and labor cost more when they’re in limited supply. If you’re thinking of updating your home, here’s why fall is the best season.

Prices Are Lower13434mottlestonedr-2

Fall decorations are high priced when they first appear in stores. You know if you wait until the end of the season you’ll score the best deals. The same principle applies to remodeling projects.

During peak remodeling months, prices for lumber, paint, concrete and sheetrock are at their highest. If you’re buying your own materials, you might find hardware stores are sold out of some of the most popular options. You may have to buy a more expensive variety or wait until a new shipment arrives.

By fall, stores have had time to restock what they sold out of over the summer. Often, they’ve had time to analyze customer demand to offer the latest products at even better prices. Catch year-end sales for the deepest discounts.

Contractors Aren’t Swamped

Contractors know they have to make the bulk of their annual income during the summer. They try to serve as many customers as possible to make up for the slow winter months ahead. You may find you hired someone who doesn’t have time to give you their full attention.

You might experience delays when your contractor has to leave your job to solve problems at another location. It’s even worse when you don’t discover mistakes busy workers make until they’ve already gone and you can’t get them to come back.

Fall catches contractors at the top of their game. They realize it’s their last chance to complete large projects for the year and are likely to offer their most attractive prices. They have more time to devote to making sure your job gets done right.

The Weather is Still GoodFall window replacement

Many fall days offer even better working weather than summer. In Ohio, mild days give way to crisp evenings for pleasant working conditions. Precipitation peaks in July and becomes less likely in September and October.

Families Slip into Fall Routines

You have more time to think about home renovations when your kids go back to school. If the kids are gone during the day, they’re not underfoot when you’re trying to insulate the attic or replace windows.

Many families plan travel during the summer or around the holidays. Planning your home upgrades for fall avoids conflict with your plans. Fall updates also allow you to get things done just in time to wow friends and family when they visit for the holidays.

Mr. Roof has been offering expert roofing for more than 50 years, but that’s not all we do. We replace windows, install gutters, update your siding and add insulation to improve your home’s energy efficiency. No matter what upgrades you’re considering this fall, we offer the best service and competitive pricing. Contact us to request a free estimate today.