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6 Ideas to Enhance Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal

As the Covid-19 pandemic begins to slow, the real estate market has sped up more than ever. Buyers are committing to homes before they ever see them, and real estate agents barely have a window to secure an offer, much less walk through. Because of this, prices are at an all-time high, as buyers have to offer asking prices or more to remain competitive. However, if you are considering taking advantage of this seller’s market, it is still essential to be sure that your home looks ready to sell. Even if you are simply trying to spruce up your property, there are impactful ways to do so that will draw attention and increase the property value of your home. Here are six ways you can enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Clean or change your siding

Your home’s siding sets the tone for the rest of the building’s aesthetic and makes up the biggest surface area that others can observe. Though most siding is durable, it does need to be replaced after a finite amount of time. If your home’s siding is looking old, dented, chipped, or simply worn out, consider replacing the chipped siding with something new. Vinyl options are incredibly cost-effective and last much longer than other options. However, you can also opt for durable options such as metal or even wood. You will be shocked at how impactful a siding switch can be, and the project will likely add incredible value to your home if you choose to sell.

Update lighting and fixtures

One of the most straightforward projects you can do is to update your home’s outdoor fixtures, such as lighting sconces, doorknobs, mailboxes, and house numbers. These aspects may seem insignificant, but updating them can add appeal to your home. The exterior will indicate to neighbors, friends, and potential buyers that you care about your home and take the time to update even small details. If you choose, updating to smart technology such as a smart doorbell, smart locks, and smart home security system can keep your family safe and secure while you live in your home and will be an added perk when you decide to sell. Potential buyers will likely pay more when they realize that smart technology is already installed.

Refresh your exterior paint

If you don’t want to change your siding altogether but wish to give your home a bit of a spruce, repainting the exterior can help create a new and polished look. It is best to hire a professional painting company to do this work, as reaching high points on your home’s walls is dangerous without the proper equipment. This is also important if you already have vinyl siding. Painting vinyl is difficult and may not even be possible. A professional exterior painter will be able to assess your home and guide you on possible options.

Brighten your doors

Door design has come a long way, and there are thousands of styles and colors to choose from nowadays. A great way to refresh your entryway is to update your home’s front door. Because this area of a house often sees a significant amount of traffic, the front door is often scuffed and worn. Potential buyers can see this as a negative, and it may give them the mindset that the house needs lots of work before they even walk inside. Updating the door rids them of this notion and gives them the impression of care as they go inside.

If your door itself is in good condition, consider changing the color. Bold door colors attract attention, and it’s even possible to sway a buyer based on the chosen color. Picking a bright color that goes well with your home’s siding can add intrigue and draw the eye when buyers see your listing.

Update your roofing

One major area of the house that home inspectors pay close attention to is the home’s roof. Having a few cracked or missing shingles may not seem like a big deal, but a home inspector will have to relay it to potential buyers. This may cause them to back out or even try to lower their offer to compensate for the roof condition. Request a Mr. Roof expert to inspect your roof before you put your home on the market. They will alert you to any damage and allow you time to fix any issues before buyers or inspectors have time to complain. In some cases, you may even want to replace the roof altogether. Though this can be costly, it can vastly improve the value of your home and drive up the overall price significantly more than what you invested in the roof.

Clean your windows

This may seem obvious, but ensure that your windows are clean when you put your home on the market. Buyers pay close attention to details, and dirty windows can indicate a state of uncleanliness in the house as a whole. Depending on your window types, it may be difficult to clean your windows yourself. Hiring a professional can be a great way to save yourself time and stress and ensure that your windows are still clean and presentable. 

In some cases, it may even be worth it to invest in new windows for your home, even if you are trying to sell. You may be able to get tax credits for this effort, and when you decide to sell, buyers will likely be enticed by the updates. New windows can save homeowners significant amounts of money on utilities, so it’s usually a fairly big perk on the housing market.

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