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How to Avoid Roofing Scams

How To Avoid Roofing Scams

Your roof protects the rest of your home from the elements. When you have a problem, it’s natural to feel alarm. Homeowners want to correct roofing issues as quickly as possible because they know the stakes are high. Water can cause ceiling damage, mold and mildew growth, high utility bills and structural deterioration. Fraudulent contractors capitalize on homeowner’s fears to make a quick profit. Protect yourself by knowing the signs of roofing scams.

High Down Payments

Roofers might promise to replace your roof and say they need a large down payment for materials or to pay employees. Homeowners turn over the money, never to see the roofer again.

They often aim this scam at people who have their home paid off. When homeowners have a mortgage, insurance companies make repair checks out to both the homeowner and the lienholder. It’s easier to sign over when people don’t owe on their home, so theirs is the only name on the check. The main target for this type of scam are older people who have paid off their homes.

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Traveling Salesmen

If someone shows up at your door to sell you a roof, they might think you’ll fall prey to one of the biggest scams in the industry. They might offer a free inspection, then show you photos of damage from another home to get you to contact your insurance company. Some salesmen actually cause damage to your roof, ripping away shingles or striking materials to simulate hail damage.

Always have a reputable local contractor inspect your roof, and don’t hire anyone you didn’t call. If someone talks you into unnecessary roof replacement, you could miss out on the years left on your current roof.

Storm Chasers

When the weather forecasts predict hail, storm chasers note where it’s supposed to fall and follow up quickly in those areas. They might knock on your door and let you know your roof might have damage you haven’t discovered yet, and offer to check for signs.

Storm chasers often use inferior materials. Some don’t have a license or insurance. Make sure anyone you hire has a valid local address and can furnish references from satisfied customers in your area.

Elevator Bids

If your contractor lures you in with a price that starts out low and keeps going up, be suspicious. Experienced roofers know from the beginning all the costs involved in repairing your roof. They know what to look for during a roof inspection, so if you have underlying damage or your job requires extra repairs, they include that in your original estimate. They’re familiar with the cost of roofing materials, so they don’t wait until they’ve started the job to tell you prices went up.

Reputable companies include the price of replacing roof decking in their contracts if they uncover damage after they tear off shingles, for example. Hire contractors with experience, so you know what to expect from the beginning.

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