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Canton Michigan Roofing Contractors

Canton Michigan Roofing Contractors

Whenever you schedule a repair or modification to your house, it’s important that you choose an experienced and reliable company. The best roofing contractors in Canton, MI and across the nation will always provide the following assurances of their industry knowledge, quality work, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Check Their Backgrounds

Canton Roofing Contractors - Mr. Roof

The first thing to confirm is that the contractor you’re considering has an accredited business license. Verify that the company you’re working with is legally allowed to operate in your area and perform the services you need. Some locations may also require special permits for working on roofs, so it’s important that all personnel are properly licensed so you don’t run into legal issues. Asking for documentation can also scare away potential scammers or companies that aren’t prepared for the job.

Prospective roofing contractors should also readily offer testimonials and references. Any reputable business will have a long list of happy patrons they’ve already served. This will give you a solid idea of customer service and work quality. Contact those individuals and see what they honestly have to say. You want to make sure their satisfaction is authentic, and asking a few questions will allow you to probe further into the company’s performance. You can get a surprising amount of information this way. Similarly, photos of the contractor’s projects can show just how talented they are. Request albums, and shy away from those that aren’t willing to provide proof of work quality and happy clients.

Insurance is a final important thing to remember during your search for a worthy contractor. Proper coverage keeps you safe, and it also protects the contractors. It’s critical that whoever you work with is covered, particularly with roofing. The heights and slanted surfaces make it inherently more dangerous, so choose a business that’s prepared.

Red Flags

Reconsider your commitment if a contractor asks for the entire cost up front. Although the accepted value varies slightly, one third or one half of the cost is generally the standard initial payment. Never pay cash; this offers no proof and could leave you with an expensive lesson should the job remain uncompleted. Also, never give the final installment until the job is finished to your satisfaction.

Choose a local operation that’s familiar with the area and is already established. It’s a fairly rare occurrence, but scammers can take many forms, including fake contractors. Find trusted companies that will remain in the region to protect your interests. This also means they’ll be available for maintenance and services down the road.

Your contractor should be willing to provide detailed estimates. Don’t settle for “ball parks.” Ask for a comprehensive list that explains exactly where every number is coming from. You don’t want to be surprised by hidden fees in the future, and no reputable firm will have reason to hide estimate figures from their clients.

Choose Experience

Search for excellent customer service. Trustworthy companies will be eager to answer or return your calls, and representatives should be friendly and knowledgeable. If a business can’t find time to communicate with you, how can you expect them to dedicate enough time to your project?

Sometimes, even after checking these qualifications you’ll still be left with multiple choices. So when you’re on the hunt for the best roofing in Canton, MI, how do you separate the good from the best? Choose Mr. Roof.

Here at Mr. Roof we have decades of experience. Our company was born in the 1960s as a family-owned construction and renovation business. Brilliant customer service and exceptional handiwork kept customers coming back time and time again, and we became a corporation in 1979. Now we’re among the most respected firms in the nation and have served more than 200,000 clients. Our work is completed by trained and skillful technicians, and we only use the highest quality products. Our premium items include a lifetime warranty. You can also enjoy 24-hour service on most jobs?including total roof replacement.

The right company project will also respect you as a customer and person. Mr. Roof always performs with honesty and integrity. We’ll never try to market you services or items that you don’t need, and you can depend on us to always provide free estimates.

Don’t trust your home or business to just anyone. Protect your investment and receive the highest quality service every time you work with us. We also cater to a variety of other needs, from siding to windows to insulation and more. Let us help you realize your residential or commercial dreams. Choose Mr. Roof for renovations.