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Design Your Space With These Window Options

Threww Window Options

New windows can save money on your energy bills and increase the value of your home. Technology has developed better systems that come with fantastic benefits. For example, UV resistant glass keeps carpet and furniture safe from fading due to sunlight exposure. Professional installation and seals keep out that pesky road noise, and safety glass won’t splinter into shards when broken. The world of windows offers incredible choices that are more practical than ever.

Functionality aside, they’re also a wonderful platform to add your personal style. At Mr. Roof, we offer the most highly skilled window installation and replacement services throughout the Midwest. If you’re ready to change your space for the better, consider some of the beautiful offerings we have available.

Consider Sizing and Space

Perhaps the most obvious way to update your style and windows at once is to pick a different shape or frame size. Many homes have standard rectangular windows, but some may have undersized versions. Increasing the size from your current setup means more natural light filtering into your home. This openness will also create the impression that the space is larger and boost future home appraisals.

Along the same lines, you can add entirely new windows in the right areas for an even more complete transformation. Whether you need a single window or 1,000, we’ll work with you to turn those visions into reality. Adding windows is easier than you might expect, and even a simple addition can do wonders for any space in your home.

Think About Style

There are plenty of other options too, regardless of the size you need. Classic windows are paned, or use trim to suggest panes. We carry all sorts of paned models for timelessness that blends with any design. For an impression of even more space, solid glass windows are an excellent option. They also give a sleeker and more modern appearance in many cases, so they pair well with other renovations and upgrades. Arched or round windows provide a look that’s more unique while still being functional and satisfying the need for change. If you’re not sure what type best suits your, home we’re happy to offer recommendations.

Once you’ve selected your preferred size and style, consider the way your windows open. Many people are surprised by the number of choices available. Double or single hung windows open by sliding up (and down, in the case of double hung). They’re easy to operate and are the most familiar type. Double hung windows are convenient because you can fold them inward and clean the exterior from inside your home. Alternatives may suit your needs better, however.

Sliding windows, for example, are wonderful for families with children, as they’re easy to wedge shut. Casement styles have hinges on their sides and pivot outwards, and awning varieties swing from the top. Some windows don’t open at all and provide an extra bit of protection. Depending on how often you open your windows, there’s a remarkable solution for you.

Long-Term Savings

There are many options for the glass itself that shouldn’t be overlooked. The R-factor is a scale that demonstrates a window’s energy saving performance. The typical window will provide you a solid R-factor of 3, which is a vast improvement from the 1 rating of the 1990s. Windows from Mr. Roof, however, boast an incredible rating of R?10. Yes, over three times the national average. In fact, we’re so confident in their performance, that we’ll refund your money if they don’t lower your energy bills.

Security is another factor to consider, particularly if you’re a business owner. Many varieties of glass are more resistant than ever before, and safety coatings are available that keep windows from shattering if they do manage to break. Some commercial window packages also include steel reinforced sashes, extra?strength glass, and ultra-tough frames. Having beautiful windows doesn’t have to compromise performance or safety. You don’t need to sacrifice the safety of the things you love when you work with Mr. Roof.

Our experience and professionalism are compelling, but if you need one more reason to choose Mr. Roof for your projects, consider our Same Day Guarantee. Construction and renovation can be a hassle, especially when you’re dealing with inexperienced or rude contractors, and when things aren’t going the way you imagined, things can get stressful. We guarantee this won’t happen with our team. Our turnaround is 24 hours for most jobs, so you can get back to your normal routine quickly. Not only that, but we are dedicated to providing the best customer service in the industry, so your needs will always come first.  Call us or fill out a brief form online to get your free estimate.