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DIY Backyard Projects for Summer

Summertime is upon us and it may be time to give your backyard a face-lift. DIY projects come in all shapes and sizes and can offer better visuals, activities, and enjoyment to your backyard. Getting the backyard ready for summer does not have to cost a fortune. Here is a list of simple projects that can add value to your outdoor experience:

1. Pallet Wood Projects

A current trend involves making just about any type of furniture out of old shipping pallet wood. Pallet wood creations can include couches, garden shelves, a hanging outdoor bar, tool organizer, or a lemonade stand for the kids. This trend will give your outdoor space a rustic look.

2. Insect Repellent

Gone are the days when a plain old citronella candle is used to keep the insects away. Create your own insect repellents out of recycled wine bottles. The wine bottle is mounted on your fence or deck post. It is filled with outdoor torch fuel and a wick to help keep those pesky bugs away.

3. Refresh Your Landscapingnew-garden

Each summer comes with the daunting task of cleaning up your landscaping and flowerbeds. Refresh your typical landscaping and try out some new flowers this season. This small change can bring new life to your outdoor space and make you feel ready for summer.

4. Backyard Theater

Portable projectors can be found at a pretty low cost. Purchase one and turn your backyard into a movie theater under the stars. Portable projector screens can be used indoors and out, allowing you to have movie night inside, as well!

5. Outdoor Speaker System

Most outdoor speakers can easily stream music from your phone. Strategically installing outdoor speakers on your deck or patio can create an ambient environment no matter the occasion. You can make waterproof speakers that can float, which work great in the pool.

6. Expand Your Outdoor Kitchen

Instead of just using your grill outside, expand your outdoor kitchen with a solar-powered oven or smoke grill. These methods take a little longer to cook but can offer a fun experience. Extend your patio to include a larger dining area or install a wet bar.

7. Build Shade Structures

trellisMake sure there is plenty of shade for your outdoor living space. Here are some options for outdoor shade:

  • Build a pergola over the deck.
  • Create a weather-shielding canopy.
  • Plant a vertical garden next to your deck or patio.
  • Build a shade screen.

8. Install and Decorate a Rain Barrel

A rain barrel is a great way to conserve water, especially if you are in a location that does not get a lot of rain during the summer time. Plastic barrels work great and can be easily covered with wood and plants.

Ambient outdoor lighting is growing more popular. String lights hung from large trees in the backyard give the space a quaint and romantic feel. Battery-powered lights work great outside and can be placed in the trees, around the deck, or decoratively in mason jars.

10. Build a Fire Pit

What better place for your family and friends to gather than around the fire? Creating a fire pit in your backyard gives you something extra to do under the stars in the summer time. This project will provide a great way to gather the kids for s’mores, or host a cocktail party after the kids have gone to bed.

11. Outdoor Gamesgiant-games

We are starting to see more and more giant versions of favorite games showing up for fun outdoors. Giant Jenga and other lawn games are a great way to get everyone involved at a family party. Make an extra-large Slip-N Slide-style slide with heavy-duty plastic and pool noodles.

12. Garden Arbor and Potting Benches

Adding a garden arbor or potting benches is a nice way to dress up the garden. An arbor acts as a beautiful entrance to your garden, accentuating that area of the backyard. A handmade potting bench allows you to always have your gardening tools where you need them.

Your Options are Endless

The options for do-it-yourself projects for your outdoor space are endless. Creating something special to make your outdoor space more comfortable can be a rewarding endeavor. Make your backyard an extension of your home this summer with simple, yet meaningful projects the family can do together. You will spruce up your yard, keep the kids busy, and create an outdoor living space that everyone can enjoy. If the exterior of your home needs any work don’t hesitate to call for help. At Mr. Roof we will offer a free estimate and a lifetime warranty.