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Three Ways to Create Curb Appeal This Spring

3 Ways to improve curb appeal this spring

Spring has returned to the area, and local homeowners are celebrating with home improvements. Sunnier days and warm weather are more conducive for tackling that project you’ve been contemplating all winter. The time is now – get outdoors and try one of these ways to improve your curb appeal this year.with home improvement projects. Spring is one of the busiest times of the year for home improvements. Sunnier days and warm weather are more conducive to tackling that project you’ve been contemplating all winter. The time is now – get outdoors and try one of these ways to improve your curb appeal this year.

curb-appealImprove Your Curb Appeal with a Little Time and Money

If you’re always pressed for time and money, we have a few instant updates for you to try. These easy DIYs that add instant curb appeal:

  • Get a new mailbox (or paint your old one). If you have a box at the end of your driveway, you can install a new mailbox in just a couple of hours. If yours is on your porch, a fresh coat of paint will bring it to life in only a few minutes. Just be sure to check with your city’s code before attempting the project.
  • Add new house numbers. Over time, the elements wear on our house numbers. Adding new numbers will give your home an instant update and cost only a few dollars.
  • Paint your front door, trim, shutters, or porch. High-quality exterior paint can be inexpensive and can add some instant brightness to your home. Just be sure your color scheme matches the rest of the home’s exterior.
  • Invest in some new landscaping. A flower shrub or two framing your entry will give your home a welcoming touch.
  • Plant a flowerbox or two. Colorful flowers add frugal curb appeal. Adding a flowerbox to the windows on your porch can make your home more welcoming, as long as you remember to care for them.
  • Change your exterior lighting. If your front porch light is still the same as when the house was built, a modern fixture will give your porch a fresh new update.

Medium Size Projectsnew-windows

If this is the summer you’re looking to make some bigger changes, consider replacing some of your windows with more energy-efficient models. Energy-efficient windows will qualify you for federal incentives and tax breaks ? all while taking the bite out of your energy bills. Remember, your windows (and doors) are your first protection against the elements. If you’re experiencing temperature fluctuations or drafts around your windows or doors, it’s a sure sign they need repair or replacement. Properly insulated windows keep your energy usage and costs low by maintaining a consistent temperature throughout your home, which keeps your heating and cooling systems from working in overdrive. Mr. Roof offers windows with 27% more viewing area than typical windows, so you can get more natural light, and with the most efficient glass system in the industry you would actually be paying less on your energy bill. These windows are built with a low profile exterior frame, exclusive weather barrier system, and an UltraCore insulated frame. Not to mention, Mr. Roof offers a lifetime warranty, so you know you are making the right investment by getting new windows by Mr. Roof.

Newer windows and doors also look better, which adds to your curb appeal. Window and door installation professionals can help you choose a model that fits your budget and home’s aesthetic. Make sure your parts and labor are also guaranteed.

A Full Home Overhaul

If you’re looking to revolutionize the look of your home, while improving its value, consider replacing your roof. If you’re thinking about putting your home on the market soon, nothing will turn a buyer off faster than an aging or leaking roof. Even if you’re not planning to sell any time soon, a leaking roof can threaten the structural integrity of your home by encouraging wood rot and the growth of mold.

If you’ve decided to replace your roof, choosing a roofing material is the next step. This is a personal decision based on your personal style, needs, and budget. Here are the most common roofing types:

  • Asphalt, which is the most common and most cost-effective
  • Metal roofing, which is weather resistant, durable and modern but more expensive than your average asphalt roof.
  • Plastic polymer, which can mimic the look of wooden shakes or slate, but at a more moderate price point
  • Wooden shakes, which are cost-effective and look nice on older homes, but may be prone to algae growth and rot
  • Slate, which offers superior fire protection, but is more expensive than other kinds of roofing materials
  • Clay tiles, which are common on Italian and Spanish style homes, but may require roof reinforcement because of their weight.

You should select the style of roof based on your home’s slope as well. If you’re unsure about what kind of roof you need, ask for a consultation and free estimate from a reliable roofing company like Mr. Roof. They provide free estimates, one day installation, and a lifetime warranty, so getting your roof replaced doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Improve Your Curb Appeal, at Any Price Point

Whether you’re looking to spend a little or a lot, you can make improvements to your home that will add value and curb appeal. Some of these projects are good for do-it-yourselfers while others require the help of a professional. Whichever you choose, these projects will bring you joy each time you pull into your driveway. Happy home improving!