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Don’t Miss Your Last Chance for Exterior Repairs

Exterior Repairs

If you’ve been putting off home repairs, you’re running out of time. Weather could turn any day now, so further procrastination could be costly. Fall might be packed with trick-or-treating, football games and Thanksgiving preparations, but it’s also your last chance to protect your home for the months ahead. Complete or schedule the following tasks before the end of the month.

Have Your Roof Inspected

Sometimes summer storms cause roof damage you don’t notice until your home is buried under several inches of snow. Have a professional take a look so you know your home is protected. Mr. Roof offers free roof inspections, and we’ll never try to sell you repair or replacement you don’t need.

Your chimney is one of the most overlooked parts of your home. The top part of the chimney known as the crown is prone to cracking. Water that seeps through the crown can run into your home’s interior. When you have your roof inspected, ask the inspector to take a look at your chimney as well.

Check Windows and Doors

If you can see daylight through cracks around your door, cold air gets in and warm air escapes. Apply weather-stripping to create a seal. If there are crevices around your windows, apply caulk so you don’t lose heat throughout the winter.

If your windows are older, fall is the best time of year to replace them. New windows are much more energy-efficient and can save you up to 25 percent on your heating and cooling costs. Welcome holiday guests into your home with an updated exterior and more comfortable interior.

Repair or Replace Damaged Siding

Damaged wood siding can lead to rot, mold and water stains. Your siding is like your home’s skin. It’s often the only barrier protecting it from moisture. Before the temperature drops, check to see what shape it’s in.

If nail heads are rusty or nails have fallen out, it’s a sign your siding has shifted or moisture oozed in. Over time, caulk shrinks in siding seams, providing an entry both for moisture and for critters seeking a refuge from the cold. Chipped paint doesn’t just look bad, exposed wood rots quickly.

One of the best ways to improve your home’s exterior and save serious cash is to install new siding. Most options give you an exterior that’s 100 percent maintenance free. During installation, contractors can add blown-in insulation, rigid insulation board or an exterior Tyvek wrap.

Clean Your Gutters

If your gutters don’t have gutter guards, they need to be cleaned twice a year. Debris-filled gutters hold moisture that can freeze and expand during the winter, causing your gutters to crack. The extra weight makes them heavy, so they might tear away from your house, taking siding with them. If they withstand the weight, when snow builds on top of debris, they can push it underneath your shingles, forming ice dams that melt into your attic.

Have Mr. Roof install gutter guards so you never have to clean out your gutters again. Protect your home and save yourself the headache of seasonal gutter cleaning.

If you’ve been putting off home repairs, it’s time to take charge. Contact Mr. Roof right away to protect your home.