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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About New Windows

New windows can considerably boost the value and comfort of your home. They can increase energy efficiency, put you in control of indoor temperatures, and add to the beauty of your structure. Plus, they can let natural light stream into your home, brightening up your everyday life. If you’re on the market for new windows, browse these frequently asked questions and answers from the experienced contractors at Mr. Roof.

Do I Need New Windows?

Many people underestimate the importance of windows to the overall integrity, value, and livability of a home. Your windows are more than just portholes to the outside world – they should provide proper insulation, natural light, and aesthetic complements to the architecture of your home. If your windows are failing in these areas, consider window replacement. Signs you need new windows include:Bay Window

  • high energy/air conditioning costs.
  • Drafts and inefficient weather stripping.
  • Frequent repairs.
  • Windows no longer open.
  • Water condensation accumulates on the inside of the glass.
  • Older glass does not insulate the home.
  • Permanent scratches, marks, or other damages you cant just wipe off.

It may also be worthwhile to replace your windows if you’re considering selling your home. New windows can significantly increase your property value. Plus, energy-efficient windows can lead to tax breaks and energy credits from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Invest in your home by investing in new windows.

How Are New Windows More Energy Efficient?

Energy efficiency is a major topic that comes up when discussing new windows. Modern windows use groundbreaking technologies to look and perform better than ever – all while reducing your home’s carbon footprint and energy bills. Energy efficient windows follow the guidelines the EPA set, such as the correct framing materials and glass. Here’s what makes newer windows more efficient:living-room-window

  • Weather stripping at all movable joints.
  • Caulking for stationary joints and cracks.
  • Passive solar home design – using sunlight for heating, cooling, and lighting.
  • Glazing in the right areas to direct light inside or away from your interiors.
  • Proper U-factor (heat loss).
  • High visible transmittance (VT) for good light transfer.
  • Low-emissivity (low-e) window glazing to control solar heat.
  • The right type of windows for each side of your home.
  • Tinted glass.
  • Double panes.

New, energy-efficient windows will pay for themselves over time with lower heating, cooling, and even lighting costs. If you plan on selling your house in the near future, new windows will help your home’s overall design, functionality, and curb appeal.

Do I Need to Replace All My Windows? house-curb-appeal

When it comes to windows, think in terms of all or nothing. If just one window in your home is letting in drafts, it can throw off the temperature control and energy efficiency of your entire home – wasting the investment you put into replacing the rest of your windows. Replacing just one window here and there can help you avoid paying a large one-time cost, but it can also prolong the amount of time you live with poorly functioning, inefficient windows. Ultimately, replacing all your windows at the same time can save you hundreds in heating and cooling costs, and raise your property’s value.

What Window Options Do I Have?

Thanks to modern technology and a deeper understanding of what makes excellent windows, home and business owners have a plethora of stunning, highly efficient options. Choosing your new windows is a big part of the fun of replacing them. For example, select ultraviolet-resistant glass to keep your carpet, furniture, and home interior safe from harmful sunlight exposure. There are many different styles to complement the design of your home, bringing out the best in your architecture. Mr. Roof carries solid-glass windows, multiple pane windows, arched and round windows, bay windows, double- and single-hung windows, sliding windows, and much more. Our talented experts can help you decide which options are ideal for your home.

Can I Replace Windows Myself?

It’s always wise to hire a professional contractor when replacing your windows. Window installation is not as simple as many people think. There are considerations you cannot overlook, such as insulation, weather stripping, ventilation, security locks, lift rails, and frames. Do-it-yourself window replacement can lead to making the wrong material purchase for your needs, improper installation, and failing to reach the full potential of your new investment. Trusting a contractor can guarantee proper installation, with the correct seals to keep out noise pollution, drafts, and leaks. A contractor can also help you make difficult decisions, such as the correct window size and style for your home. Contact Mr. Roof to get started with new windows today.