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Get a New Roof on a Budget

When you hear that you need a new roof, you might imagine draining your savings account or saying goodbye to your summer vacation. A new roof is no small investment – but it doesn’t have to significantly interfere with your finances. There are ways to upgrade your home’s roof without breaking the bank. With a few smart tips from the pros at Mr. Roof, you can get a brand new roof on almost any budget. Here’s how to find the perfect price for your roof replacement.

Do Your Research

rodOne of the best ways to immediately get more for your money is by selecting the right roofing company. The right company will work with you to map out your project goals, timeline, and budget.

Doing a bit of research in the local industry will help you choose a company that doesn’t use deceptive business tactics such as “storm chasing.” Storm chasing describes roofers that go door-to-door after heavy rain, wind, or hail to market to customers without allowing them a chance to research the company. Other roofers may give impossibly low price quotes, and then hike up the price after the customer gives a deposit.

Avoid these common roofing scams by reading company reviews and seeing what past customers have to say. Company reviews can help you ascertain that the roofer is legitimate, honest, and trustworthy. A high Better Business Bureau rating can also help inform your decision.

Choosing a dependable, high-quality roofer in your area can help stretch your dollar and make the most out of your investment. Mr. Roof has been in the industry for more than 50 years, with thousands of satisfied customers in our business history. You can rest assured you’re signing on with reputable, experienced contractors that accommodate your budget.

Compare Price Quotes

Shop around in your local community before making a decision. Get a second opinion about the state of your roof, and see what price different companies quote you. Mr. Roof gives free roof inspections and up-front price quotes at no obligation. Obtain estimates from more than one company to ascertain that you’re getting the best price for the value of services. Take into account the quality and longevity of the roofing service when considering the price. A higher-quality roof lasts longer and gives you better returns, even if it’s initially more expensive.

Think Long-Term

droned-homeWhile this tip won’t help you get a lower initial price, it will help you get the most value for your investment over the long term. When purchasing a new roof, you can’t only look at the up-front cost. You must consider how long your investment will last. You don’t want to pay the same amount for a roof that lasts half as long because of low-quality materials and sloppy installation.

Go with a reputable company that offers perks such as lifetime warranties and quality guarantees to get the best returns on investment over time. Also take into account the energy savings a new roof will give you – lower energy bills can help you recover the cost of your new roof.

Save Money with Flexible Financing Options

Most homeowners aren’t prepared to pay the entire cost of a new roof in one lump sum. That’s why we offer financing options through a partnership with Wells Fargo. We can help you get the roof of your dreams without severely impacting your bank account. Get affordable monthly payments or even a lower price for your roof with smart financing – all without compromising the quality of your roof.

We truly care about your household, and want to make new roofs accessible to everyone in the community. If you’re looking into a new roof because of storm damage, it’s worthwhile to contact your homeowners insurance company. Most plans cover roof repairs and replacements from rain, wind, and hail. An insurance claim could cover part or all of the cost of a new roof.

Trust Mr. Roof for Superb Value

With help from the pros at Mr. Roof, you get a brand new roof at a price that makes you feel good. After we give you a free roof inspection, we’ll answer any questions you may have and give you an up-front price quote. You can then compare our prices with other local roofers to verify that we offer the best price for the value and quality of work. We price our services competitively so that our customers always get the best deals.

You’ll save in the long run thanks to the high quality of our installations and the lifetime warranties we offer on all premium roofing systems. To get started with your affordable new roof, contact our team.