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Home Décor Trends that Never Get Old

What better way to enhance your home than with décor that never goes out of style? Using timeless ideas to decorate the interior and exterior of your home can save you time and money on redecorating in the future. Classic décor can make a statement to your house guests without saying the wrong thing. If you’re planning a home improvement project in the near future, add these trends to your list for a look that never gets old.

Mix – Don’t Matchliving-room-option

Mixing your themes, prints, and decorative objects can help you avoid having one main theme throughout your house that could drop out of popularity at any moment. Combining bold colors and materials is a trend that will never fade because there is no wrong or right.

Mesh your antique throw rugs with modern light fixtures, or a bold paint color with soft furniture. Collect bits and pieces from a variety of places. Buy items with a wide range of different styles can bring your look together without it seeming forced.

Black and White Color Palette

There’s something simple, yet dramatic about combining black and white color schemes. The “Color of the Year” may come and go, but black and white are mainstays. Decorate with black and white where you can – such as white subway tiles in the bathroom with black accents and black cabinetry. Black and white naturally go together without appearing dull or boring. It’s the perfect way to add some intrigue to your home without going too far.

Don’t limit yourself to only the inside with this décor trick – a white house with black shutters or a painted-white porch with black throw pillows can make your home stand out in the neighborhood for all the right reasons.bathroom2

Spa-Like Bathroom

One trend that will never hit the black list- Serene, spa-like bathrooms. Wanting to relax in the bathroom is something that will outlast trendy tile choices and chandeliers hanging over the bathtub. Go for a Zen tone with natural accents, such as bamboo wood and hints of soft greens.

Keep your bathroom space open and airy – install new windows to add natural light and beauty to the room. Opt for frame less glass shower doors and simple, minimal décor. Designing your master bath like a spa will give you a timeless look and something to enjoy when you come home from a long day at work.

Connect with the Outdoors

Connecting your home to your outdoor spaces in stunning ways can help you get the most out of both areas. Bring a bit of the outside in with large windows for plenty of natural light. Consider installing glass French doors or something similar to access an outdoor patio area from the living room.

Fill your home with plants – live or artificial – and natural tones like wood. Expanding into your outdoor spaces is a great way to make the most of natural assets, add value to your home, and get your family into the great outdoors more often.

Outdoor Herb and Vegetable Gardenplants

Speaking of the great outdoors, don’t neglect the outside of your home. Herb and vegetable gardens aren’t a trend. DIY backyard gardens are all over Pinterest right now, but they won’t be going anywhere in the future. Gardens will always be in style. Mark off a section of your front or back yard for a small home garden, or create one using old pallets or wooden boxes.

Talk to a gardening professional at your local home improvement store or plant nursery for advice about what to plant in your region, and the best planting times of year. Reserve a portion of your garden for herbs such as parsley, basil, and oregano. Don’t have a yard? Try a small indoor herb garden instead!

Siding with Different Textures

The mix, don’t match, tip from above also applies to the exterior of your home. An ageless trend you can take advantage of is to combine different siding materials for an eye-catching design. Install high-quality siding in your choice of material. Then, use masonry to make your siding pop. Combine siding with bricks or natural stones for a beautiful “clash” of textures. Your material choices can reflect your home’s architecture and history for a truly timeless look and feel. Your neighbors will be oohing and aahing from the curb in no time.13434mottlestonedr-2

For All Your Home Improvement Needs

Quality is something that will last as long as time. For any home improvement project, choose contractors that make you feel comfortable and confident in your decisions. At Mr. Roof, we have more than 50 years of experience in roofing, siding, windows, and more. We’ve seen hundreds of trends come and go, but one thing remains the same – the quality and craftsmanship of our work. Contact us for a free estimate!