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Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: How to Make Drastic Changes in Your Home’s Value and Appearance

When you want a change – whether it’s to improve your home’s curb appeal in order to sell or simply because you’re craving something new – there are a few aspects of your home’s exterior you could consider changing. For example, updates to your home’s roof have the potential to add to your home’s curb appeal. However, consider the top features you list when other people ask you which home is yours – likely, you describe your home as the blue house with the big bay window in the front, not the house with the nice new roof.

If you’re aiming for maximum curb appeal or a drastic change in your home’s aesthetics, look no further than your home’s siding and windows. Older windows and siding can negatively affect your home’s aesthetic appeal. While dated, faded siding can make your home look ill-kept and reduce its resale value, aging, splintering windows can affect the exterior and interior look of your home.

Aside from looks, replacing your home’s siding and windows can positively impact the energy efficiency of your home. The industry’s newest updates in siding and window technology since the last time you replaced yours could mean significant cost savings for you. Is it time to consider updating your home’s siding and windows? Read on to see if a replacement is for you.

New Siding Offers Many Benefits

If you’re itching for change, replacing your siding is one of the simplest ways to make large-scale, noticeable changes to your home’s exterior. A vinyl siding overhaul can add resale value to your home, and provide essential curb appeal to prospective buyers. Consider these other benefits to new vinyl siding:

  • Long-lasting durability. Once you replace your home’s siding with new vinyl siding, you’re guaranteed decades of lasting benefits leaving you considerable time to enjoy your new look. Most companies rate vinyl products for at least 25 years, with some providing durability guarantees of up to 50 years.
  • Limited maintenance. Compared to wood siding, which requires regular sanding, painting, and replacement of pieces with dry rot or other durability issues, vinyl siding is relatively low-maintenance. Simply spray clean whenever necessary to preserve the beauty of your home. Since most vinyl siding is dirt and grime-resistant, even yearly cleaning remains minimal.
  • Increased weather resistance. Your current siding, whether wood, vinyl or some other material, is likely beginning to lose its weather-resistant qualities. If you have wood that’s beginning to show dry rot or warping, dangerous moisture may be seeping into your home’s interior. Vinyl siding is typically rated for winds between 110 and 200 miles per hour, leaving your home protected against everything Mother Nature has to offer.
  • Extensive style availability. No matter what your style sensibilities, vinyl siding has something to offer your home’s curb appeal. Whether you’re looking for traditional, narrow, board and batten or even wood-look shakes, you’ll find a style of vinyl to suit you. In addition, every style of most brands of vinyl siding comes in a rainbow of colors, making your style options truly endless.

New Windows Provide Added Value

If you’re looking to sell, updating your home with quality replacement windows is one of the best investments you can make. Or, if you wish to stay in your newly updated home, you can continue to enjoy the beauty of your new windows for decades to come. Read on for the top benefits of installing replacement windows in your home:

  • Lower energy bills. Your old windows could be allowing cool air and moisture into your home, and transferring heated air to the outdoors in the winter. Installing more energy-efficient replacement windows improves your home’s heat retention in the winter, and new UV resistant coatings can prevent thermal transfer in the summer. Maintaining a more constant ambient air temperature in your home can lower your heating and cooling bill, and reduce strain on your home’s HVAC system.
  • Noise reduction. The insulative barrier in new double-pane windows allows for better blocking of even the loudest noises in your neighborhood. Although windows continue to be the major point of entry for outside noise, technology has led to noise diminishing to the point where you can sleep at night despite busy traffic outside.
  • Home value. The National Association of Realtors states that you can recoup up to 78% of new window costs if you sell within the next few years. Further, the abundant style choices offered by today’s replacement windows – whether sizes, shapes, casement styles, and more – allow you to maximize the curb appeal of your home.

Whether you’re aiming for aesthetic or resale value, changing up your home’s exterior with new windows and siding remains an excellent choice for your home’s lasting beauty. Contact a local Mr. Roof today to learn about the products we offer or for a free estimate.