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How Your Roof Protects Your Home

how your roof protects your home

There are many reasons to be thankful for having a solid, standing roof on your home. The roof serves many purposes that most people don’t even realize, but those functions help maintain the safety and functioning of the rest of the home and surrounding structures.

Your roof protects your home and keeps your family and your belongings safe, but that’s not all it does. You may be surprised to learn some of the lesser-known benefits of having a quality-built roof by a reputable roofing company.

Your roof provides human protection

The most important function of your roof is human protection. The covering of your home is supposed to stand up against nature and other elements to prevent harm or illness that can occur from overexposure. Inside your home is where you and your family can rely on shelter and comfort as you carry out your day-to-day activities and sleep throughout the night.

Your roof, along with your walls, windows, and doors, also provide protection against crime. As the primary coverage on your home, your roof acts to lessen incidents of vandalism, theft, and trespassing. Your roof is a protective structure that helps keep unwanted activity out of your home and assists in making your residence a safe space.

Your roof protects your possessions

Whether it be from vandalism, theft, or damage from the elements, your roof serves to protect your belongings just as it works to protect you. Without a stable roof, it would be possible for anyone to gain access to your home and take your items if they so wished, which would be a huge source of stress and unease for you as the homeowner. Thanks to your roof, you can feel a sense of safety when you leave your possessions at home to go to work, travel, take a vacation, or just enjoy a day away from home.

Your roof provides weather protection

Mother nature would also wreak havoc on your belongings without your roof shielding them from her wrath. Roofing helps prevent the weather from destroying the precious items in your home, saving you lots of money and keeping your treasured belongings intact.

It would be hard to imagine how a home would do without a well-built roof to protect the internal structures from the weather outside. Your roof keeps out the snow, the rain, the intense summer heat, and all other forms of weather and allows you to come inside and live in comfortable conditions.

Thanks to your roof, you get to enjoy the Superbowl in February without freezing and watch your favorite summer game shows without sitting in the scorching heat. Your roof separates you from all those unpleasant elements and makes enjoying the inside of your home possible. Since your roof protects you while you enjoy some of the best moments of your life, it is important to keep the roof of your home in the best possible condition.

Your roof protects your home from insects and rodents

Without a roof on your home, there would be no way to actively prevent intrusion from wildlife. While pets are always adored and welcomed, pests like insects and rodents from the outside are not. Your roof serves as a covering for your home, keeping birds, squirrels, raccoons, and, in some areas, even bears, outside where they belong.

Most people don’t think about this form of protection, but your roof acts as the barrier that keeps many of these animals from entering your home and surprising you when you least expect it. Having your roof inspected regularly can ensure there are no holes or structural weaknesses present that would allow critters to get inside your home.

Your roof protects your home’s foundation and landscaping

Your roof works to protect your home from water by catching the downpour during periods of heavy rainfall. When your roof is not properly directing the water into gutters and downspouts, the water runs down the roof to the edge and collects around the foundation. If water continues to run down into your home’s foundation, the soil around the foundation can become saturated and weakened. Cracks in the foundation of your home expose your home to leaks and lead to foundation erosion.

The drainage systems on your roof also work to transfer water away from the sides of the house. Without adequate roof drainage, any plants growing next to your house may be destroyed by the steady water fall when it rains. Keeping the drainage system on your roof clear of debris can keep your foundation and foliage safe from erosion.

Your roof protects your home from water damage

Water is a beautiful natural element, but it is not great for your home’s structure. Water damage can be devastating if it goes unnoticed or untreated in a timely manner. Water damage to your roof or attic can have severe consequences for your safety and be very costly if your home’s internal structure or valuables are destroyed.

It is best to take a look at your roof and connected structures (piping, gutter, etc.) every six or so months to check for noticeable changes or potential structure issues. If you notice any issues with your roof, you should call a professional roofing service to have the problem addressed quickly and safely. Mr. Roof offers roofing repair and replacement services that are done in a day with craftsmanship that stands for years to come.

Here are some ways to lessen water damage to your roof year-round between professional roof inspections.

  • Immediately replace missing shingles
  • Address surfaces that are ponding (areas dipping or collecting pools of water)
  • Regularly inspect and clean your gutters
  • Inspect around vents, chimneys, pipes, and skylights
  • Inspect the ceiling of your attic and insulation
  • Remove ice buildup from your roof after heavy snow

When it comes to catching potentially hazardous issues like water damage, it is best to find problems before they escalate into costly incidents. Using the maintenance measures listed can protect your roof from sustaining water damage and maintain structural integrity.

Your roof provides structural protection to your home

Your roof provides the structural support that keeps the entire house functioning. Without a roof on your home, components like lighting and electrical wiring would not be able to work throughout your home. Structural support is vital for having a home that is properly stabilized to prevent the walls of your home from toppling over from the wind, snow, heavy rains, and other forms of inclement conditions.

Your roof provides insulation

A well-built roof over your head provides crucial insulation to your house and keeps your energy bills from being astronomically high. Your roofing acts as a barrier that protects against the fluctuating conditions of the outside world. Your roof keeps the inside of your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

When cracks are present in your roof, you will likely notice increases in your energy bills because your heating and air conditioning systems are working harder to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Your roof prevents air from creeping in or seeping out of your home rapidly, which increases your need for heating (in the winter) and increases your need for cooling (in the summer).

If you suspect that the spike in your energy bills stems from a roofing issue, contact Mr. Roof to have one of our experts check for structural problems.

Your roof helps provide sustainability

Sustainability is a function that has been hinted at in other parts of this list, but it is one of the lesser discussed protective functions of your roof. When a home is built, it is intended to stand for years to come, and the roof is essential to that goal. There are homes that are hundreds of years old and still in great living condition due to having sound, quality structuring. It is fascinating to think that there are homes that have housed several generations of inhabitants and are standing to provide shelter for more generations to follow.

Your home can be passed down to your children, grandchildren, and beyond, especially when its roofing and walls are kept in great condition. You may not be thinking of how your roof aids in the longevity of your home, but your roof indeed serves this purpose when properly maintained.

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