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The Number One Home Improvement Project for Fall

#1 Fall Home Improvement Project

Crisp weather and gorgeous fall color beckon you to enjoy the outdoors. You’ve raked your leaves, set out seasonal displays and sampled pumpkin flavored everything, now you’re ready for a home improvement project. With cold winter months ahead, one of the best ways to invest your home improvement budget is to replace your windows. Here’s why fall is the best time to upgrade.

Winter is Coming

It feels great outside now, but in a few months temperatures will drop below freezing and you’ll switch on the heat. Windows that aren’t energy-efficient allow heat loss, make indoor air too cool for comfort and cause condensation. In the past several years, technological advances have made windows much more energy efficient, so they successfully prevent heat loss.

New windows could result in a 15 to 25 percent savings on your heating costs. You don’t just save in the winter; better windows improve your home’s comfort year-round.

During the hottest and coldest months, your HVAC works hardest. New windows reduce peak heating and cooling loads. Not only does your existing system last longer, but you may be able to replace it with a smaller unit.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

When it’s cold outside, there’s a major difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures. With old windows, you may notice drafts in some parts of the room. When this happens, most people shiver and turn up the heat. Some rooms might feel hot while others are still too cool. The discomfort you feel indicates poor indoor air quality.

During the summer, you experience the opposite extreme. You might feel like you’re always adjusting the thermostat and never getting comfortable.

New windows prevent heat transfer. Prepare yourself for a comfortable winter by installing them this fall.

Enhance Your View

New windows

When it’s blustery outside and toasty warm in your home, condensation forms on older windows. Water vapor droplets keep you from seeing what’s outside, and continual moisture can also encourage mold and mildew growth. New windows mean interior glass stays warmer, so condensation doesn’t form and your view stays crystal clear.

Access plenty of natural light to get you through the short days of winter. Enjoy an unobstructed view no matter what the season.

Save During Installation

When you have your windows replaced, your home will be open to the elements. If you run your heating and cooling system, it will have to work much harder than normal, and the money you spend will literally go right out the window.

If you have your windows replaced during the summer, sweltering heat will flood your home through open spaces. During winter, you’ll be exposed to freezing cold. Fall offers mild days, so you can stay comfortable without having to adjust your thermostat at all.

Mr. Roof provides custom replacement windows that improve your home’s energy efficiency and add to your property’s value. Our windows are beautiful, low-maintenance, secure, and the last windows you’ll ever need to buy. We have styles to enhance any home’s exterior, and we complete most jobs in a day. Contact us today for a free estimate.