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Protecting Your Garden During Roof Installation

Roof repairs and renovations are major home improvement projects, and a roofing job can take a long time and leave your home vulnerable during the process. Your home garden, for example, is at risk of being trampled under the hustle and bustle of foot traffic, as well as damage from falling shingles from your roof. A little bit of precaution goes a long way in protecting your petunias from a wayward roof tile.

Take a Preliminary Walk

Tree tied with a rope. Garden furniture on a wooden terrace of a house

Before your roofers arrive, take a walk around your home and look for elements that you will need to protect during the upcoming project. A good roofer will know better than to dump debris off the side of your roof right onto your beloved rose garden, but you can make their job easier by taking the time to examine your home, yourself, and taking care of your belongings.

Roofing is a messy job – keep in mind that roofing repairs and roof replacements mean there will be a shower of debris around the edges of your home. look for anything like a bed of herbs or a grill and consider what you and your roofers can do to protect these aspects of your garden. Look for any loose items you might want to move, and make a checklist of all immobile items you will need to have covered up.

Moving the Movable

Grills and lawn furniture are easy fixes when it comes time to replace a roof. When you have roofers around, simply move them out of the way. Bring them inside if possible, or at least migrate them to your driveway. Make sure your trash bins are out of sight, as well, so they aren’t blocking anything. When the roofers arrive, you may need to move your car so debris doesn’t fall and the roofers can have quick and easy access to their equipment.

Trimming the Trees

If you have overgrown trees with branches blocking your roof, you will almost certainly need to trim them down so your roofers can maneuver across the length of your roof. Cut down branches that block roof traffic, and prune trees that are close to your home. The added benefit to this is that it will protect your roof from falling leaves during the autumn or falling branches during a storm.

Protecting Your Plants

Garden beds and flowers, especially small plants, will need special protection to make sure they are safe during roofing projects. Stack up a few planks or other materials and cover your garden with a tarp. This way the tarp will be supported should roofing shingles fall onto it. Any small plants or flower beds you value and want to be protected should be covered in this fashion.

Trees and bushes, if they are large and mature, are much less likely to be damaged by falling materials. Don’t worry too much about covering up hedges, either; any reasonably large, woody plant can handle a few stray shingles falling from the roof.