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Save Money for the Holiday Season with Energy-Efficient Options

Holiday Season Savings on Energy

With the season of gift giving right around the corner, start padding your bank account now. One of the best ways you can save money in the long term is through optimizing the energy efficiency of your home. Smaller monthly utility bills can translate into greater savings for the holidays. The secret to saving energy during the holidays lies in smart home improvements. Upgrading appliances, lights, windows, and other systems can result in returns on investments. You can then have the funds for hosting parties or purchasing gifts for loved ones. Here’s how!

Eliminate Drafts With New Windows

Nothing can ruin the energy efficiency of a home like drafty windows. Unfortunately, this is a common problem in older models. Over time, older windows can experience worn out weather stripping, cracked glass, and warped frames ? letting in cold air from outside during winter. While you crank up the heat, your windows let in frigid air and uncomfortable drafts. It’s an uphill battle that can result in expensive energy bills. Replace your windows in time for the holiday season to enjoy a leak-free, energy-efficient home.

Swap Traditional Lights for LEDs

LED lights are much more energy efficient than traditional incandescent lights. Before stringing old lights around your tree or stapling them to your shingles, swap them out for LED versions. While your initial LED investment may cost more than what you save this season, you can see returns starting when you decorate next year. LEDs last year after year, giving you annual savings just by plugging them in. You can reduce Christmas light power consumption even more by installing timers for automatic shut-off and using extension cords instead of additional strings of lights whenever possible.

Install New Insulation

Good insulation can keep the air from your HVAC system circulating within your home ? not leaking through the roof and walls. You shouldn’t pay to heat the whole neighborhood. Consider scheduling an insulation inspection before temperatures really start dropping. You may be surprised to find that damaged or missing insulation exists within your home, contributing to high energy bills. New roof insulation can help you regain control over your heating and cooling costs.

Consider Buying a Cool Roof

Cool roofs have special elements that make them more energy efficient than traditional asphalt shingles. Cool roofs can reflect more sunlight and UV rays, absorbing less heat than standard roofs. This keeps the home cooler in summer, letting homeowners use less air conditioning to save money in the summertime. By the time the holidays come around, you’ll have extra money saved up from your reduced summer energy bills. Decreasing the temperature of your roofing system can also increase its lifespan over the years.

Fix Up Your Fireplace

Your fireplace is good for more than just hanging stockings. Make sure it’s warming your home without wasting energy by scheduling pre-season maintenance. Your chimney may have common issues such as a cracked crown, damaged flashing, or lost mortar contributing to energy losses or expensive issues such as water leaks. Hire a masonry expert to check out your fireplace and conduct repairs as necessary. Proper chimney maintenance can keep your home warm without unnecessary costs. Contact Mr. Roof for more advice on how to save money this season with increased energy efficiency.