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Shingle and Siding Combinations to Help Your Home Stand Out

Shingle and Siding Combinations

Your home is like a work of art, and you are the artist. There have never been so many ways to customize your home’s appearance. New technologies and trends have given life to bold and enticing color combinations for the exterior of your home. Upgrading your exterior with a new roof and siding can dramatically boost your home’s curb appeal. Your home can stand out in the best way possible with these five creative shingle and siding combinations. Find these and more at your local Mr. Roof!

Slate Gray and Cool Blue

The combination of slate gray roofing shingles and striking cool blue siding never goes out of style. This pairing is cool, calm, and collected – drawing the eyes from the curb in all the best ways. A neutral roof in a light to medium gray is the perfect complement to cooler siding color schemes. The two blend without one disappearing into the other. This combo is great for landscapes that incorporate natural stone or other features that play into the cool theme – grays, neutrals, light greens, and blues.

Brown and Eggshell White

A brown roof with white or off-white siding is a classic combination that looks especially attractive with red stone bricks and brown architectural features, like this home completed by Mr. Roof. Choose dark brown shingles and a white or creamy off-white shade of siding to achieve this effortless and elegant look for your home. Keep white siding looking like new by scheduling regular cleanings with a professional. Vinyl siding requires less maintenance than painted wood with the right siding installers!

Dark Gray and Brick Red

Go for a more passionate look with a dark gray roof and brick red siding. In architecture, red color schemes convey the message of being passionate, provocative, and fiery. Choosing red or garnet siding can make a statement on your block. Pair red siding with dark gray shingles for a sharp, elegant look that offers an attractive contrast. Contrasting your shingles with your siding is an easy way to create a more dramatic appearance.

Varying Grays with Cool Green

Who said your roof’s shingles must be the same color? At Mr. Roof, you can choose coordinating shingles such as a variety of colors on the grayscale for a truly unique appearance. Pair this shingle option with a cool, light green shade for your siding to create a calm, soothing tone. This combination goes in harmony with gray stone facades and green springtime landscapes. We completed one project where the homeowner did something similar – varying gray shingles with light gray siding.

Warm Gray and Pastel Yellow

Send a message of being soft, friendly, and sunny with pastel yellow siding. Yellow is a popular choice for homeowners who want to stand out without being too dramatic. Pair pale yellow siding with a contrasting shingle color, such as brown or dark gray. Since yellow is a warm shade, it pairs best with other warm shades for your roof. Staying in the same color family can help create a coherent look while still looking unique. Need help choosing your perfect shingle and siding combination? Use our tip list for more advice, or call 1-(800)-4MR-ROOF to speak to a roofing and siding specialist in your area.