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Spring Showers Don’t Have to Rain on Your Parade

Imagine if spring showers only meant afternoons spent in the comfort of your dry, leak-free home, listening to the pleasant tinkling of rain on your impenetrable metal roof and the rush of water being directed safely away from your home via your gutter system. With help from Mr. Roof, this can be your reality during the rainy season. You don’t have to put up with a leaky roof, soggy insulation, cracked windows, or gutters that fail to protect your siding and foundation. Mr. Roof offers fast, affordable, and effective solutions.

Rainproof Roofing

roofcraftersYour roof is the most important element in terms of keeping your home structurally sound. Your roof must be able to withstand heavy rains, high winds, and even hail should a storm take a bad turn. If you aren’t confident in your roof’s ability to withstand spring storms, speak to Mr. Roof’s experts. We will inspect your roofing system, including your chimney and gutters, and recommend any necessary patches or repairs. If we believe it’s time for roof replacement, we’ll provide you with a free estimate and a variety of custom roofing options.

Metal roofing is one option you must consider. It seals out water, can withstand high winds, easily sheds snow and ice, and never accumulates water or sags under pressure. When installed by Mr. Roof’s trained professionals, your metal roof should last as long as your house itself. You’ll never have to worry about what a rainstorm is doing to your roof again. Furthermore, metal roofing is also resistant to mold, mildew, insects, rot, and fire. Mr. Roof backs our premium roofing systems with a lifetime warranty for extra peace of mind. Visit our metal roofing gallery to see the many beautiful color and style options we’ve installed.

Gutters That Go the Extra Mile

During a particularly wet spring, your old gutter system may not hold up under pressure. An inefficient system can lead to harmful clogs, broken seals, and water flooding down the sides of your home. Ultimately, poorly functioning gutters can lead to siding damage and moisture getting trapped along your home’s foundation. Before your house suffers wood rot and mold growth, count on Mr. Roof for new gutter installation. New gutters with covers can keep out harmful leaves, twigs, and other debris that can clog your system and lead to overflows.

New gutters can wick away moisture from your roof quickly and efficiently, improving the lifespan of your entire roofing system. Gutters should work to keep your roof as dry as possible, avoiding standing pools of water. They safely direct rainwater away from your siding, foundation, and driveway, draining it elsewhere. Gutters should be a natural extension of your roof, working seamlessly together to hold up without fail during even the hardest spring showers. Mr. Roof’s gutter systems do wonders to improve the weatherproofing, value, and aesthetic appeal of your home.

Windows That Keep Moisture Out

rain-windowOlder windows may have inept weather stripping, cracks, or issues with the frames that let in rainwater or moisture. If you notice condensation on the inside of the glass, it could just be the humidity – or it can mean faulty windows that are letting in too much air and moisture between the panes of glass. Windows that let in moisture can eventually lead to rotten and damaged wood in the frames. Before the problem reaches this level, contact Mr. Roof for a window inspection. It may be time to replace the window with a newer, more efficient model.

Insulation With Integrity

Mr. Roof also offers insulation services – perfect in times of poor weather. Old roofing insulation may have signs of damage from a previous leak or other roof problem. It may be soggy, or shredded from pests in your house that use the material for nests. Have Mr. Roof inspect your insulation to make sure it’s performing as it should. Faulty insulation can let in drafts, increasing your energy bills and making it difficult to control temperatures. Don’t neglect your insulation as part of your complete roofing system.

A House That Won’t Spring a Leak

Mr. Roof’s residential solutions serve to make your home completely waterproof. We have the tools to repair, replace, or upgrade your roof, gutters, windows, siding, masonry, and insulation to ensure that no moisture makes its way inside. There’s no project we can’t tackle to make your home more able to weather a storm. Before spring showers really hit their stride, call on local Mr. Roof near you for any of our home improvement services. When you’re relaxing in your dry, damage-free home, you’ll be glad you did. Request a free estimate today!