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How Does Storm Damage Affect My Home Over Time?

You can’t control the weather but may be able to control how heavily it impacts your home. Your home has the power to resist a great deal of storm damage if equipped with the right systems. Over time, however, your home can fall prey to common maintenance problems and more serious weather-related property damage – especially if you slack on routine home maintenance. Avoid the following potential problems by working with Mr. Roof. We can help you keep your home like new, rain or shine.

Roof Problems and Lost Shingles

After a serious storm, you might have noticed your roof looking a little less dapper than it did before. It might have lost a few shingles, or some shingles might be bent, torn, loose, or bald. You pay for repairs and don’t think about your roof again until the next big storm. This time, you have to replace even more shingles. Over time, this pattern can result in more replacement shingles than original ones on your roof.

Replacing individual shingles after each storm can compromise the integrity of your roof over time. You may eventually start to notice leaks and other problems. Even if you don’t have functionality issues, the look of your roof might bother you, with some shingles darker than others from sun damage and age. Instead of continuously paying for repairs on an older roof, put that money toward a stronger, brand-new roofing system. A new roof is a better investment if your existing roof has sustained enough storm damage.

Water Damage and Wood Rot

A roof, gutters, and siding that work as they will prevent water and ice from dripping down your home and soaking into the wood. Over time and without proper maintenance, however, stormwater can infiltrate your home and lead to serious problems like mold and wood rot. This is especially common during the cold and damp winter months and wet and humid summers.

Letting water penetrate your home over time can ultimately compromise the integrity of your home. You may have to pay for expensive repairs and replacements, as well as evacuate your home while professionals deal with dangerous mold and mildew. Water-related problems are serious and require professional attention. The best thing you can do for your home is to prevent water infiltration by keeping up with house maintenance.

Worn-Down Weather Stripping

Brand-new replacement windows can have strong, leakproof seals and weather stripping that protect your home from moisture, wind, and drafts. As the years pass, however, storms and daily wear (including ultraviolet rays) can break down seals, make your glass more brittle, and damaged weather stripping. Hire a professional to inspect your windows, especially if you notice leaks or temperature problems during a storm. It might be time for repairs or window replacement.

Lost Curb Appeal and Home Value

If you don’t keep up with home maintenance before and after storms, you could risk siding stains, dented gutters, lost shingles, broken windows, and many other things that lower the aesthetic value and curb appeal of your home. Aside from keeping your home safe, invest in maintenance and timely repairs to maintain the appearance of your home. Make storm damage prevention and repair easy with help from Mr. Roof.