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The Best Home Improvement Projects for 2017

Home improvement projects are a great way to customize your home and add some great value and curb appeal. As the new year kicks off, you may start thinking about what sort of changes you want to make. The best home improvement project for 2017 should actually give you a higher return on investment than you put into the renovation. That way, you improve your home while saving! For our money, here’s a countdown of the best home improvement projects for 2017:

9. Kitchen renovation

Kitchen | #9 Best Home Improvement Projects for 2017

It’s never a bad time to update your kitchen. There are always incredible new technologies being developed to make your life easier and more efficient. Plus, potential buyers always love new countertops and cabinets, so you can add a lot to the value of your home. Kitchen renovations can go as far as changing the entire layout of the room. If your budget can’t accommodate a total overhaul, consider smaller, exciting projects like replacing the backsplashes.

8. Adding a patio

Patio | #8 Best Home Improvement Project for 2017

Outdoor living spaces are unbeatable when you want to relax and enjoy nature. What’s more, patios are highly customizable, from the color of the stones to the pattern on your furniture. There are unlimited combinations and design styles, so everyone can find something to love that will complement the look of their home. If your budget is smaller, you can invest in a removable gazebo for those pretty summer days.

7. Another bathroom

Bathroom | #7 Best home improvement projects for 2017

Beds and baths are two of the most important things buyers consider when looking at your home. Adding another bathroom can add a lot of value to your home, depending on how many you already have. For a smaller budget, putting in a half bath can still help your home stand out amongst others in the neighborhood.

6. New windows


New windows are a best home improvement project for 2017 because of the high return on investment. The average American home will cut nearly $500 over the course of just one year by replacing the windows. There are few renovations that increase a home’s efficiency while boosting curb appeal, but new windows are the stand-out that does. Not only do they make it look better from the outside, but they can transform your home’s interior when you custom order different grains of wood or particular colors for vinyl windows.

If you’re expanding the window frames or adding windows, then the brightness in your home is a natural way to beautify your home. It’s generally a better value to have all your windows replaced at once because you’ll save on labor costs. If your budget is smaller, however, one strategically-placed, extra-large window (like a bay window) can make a big difference for a smaller price tag.

5. Vinyl siding

Siding | #5 Best Home Improvement Projects for 2017

Nothing helps freshen the way your home looks more than completely new siding! This is going to be a popular change for 2017, thanks to new options constantly entering the market. There are many different types and colors of vinyl siding, so you can find a match for just about any budget.

4. Stone veneer

Stone Veneer | #4 Best Home Improvement Projects 2017

You can install this beautiful material in natural and manufactured versions. Each offers unique pros and cons depending on the application. Manufactured stone veneer, for example, is impervious to the weather and guaranteed not to fade in sunlight. This makes it perfect for outdoor applications. Natural stone offers more variety in color and pattern, but it is more difficult to take care of. Stone veneer can be used everywhere, from backsplashes to mailboxes and everything in-between. No matter your budget, there are stone veneer projects that will let you slip some texture into your home.

3. Insulation upgrades

Insulation | #3 Best Home Improvement Projects in 2017

Insulation is often overlooked when it comes to renovation projects, but it can help save big amounts on your monthly power bill. Old insulation can often be topped off or replaced entirely so you can adjust according to your needs. Adding insulation can even give you access to areas that were previously unusable (after it’s sealed away, of course) by making the temperature more regulated and comfortable.

2. New garage and entry doors

Entry Door | #2 Best Home Improvement Projects for 2017

Unique doors have recently become the focus of thousands of homeowners across the country. Using unique colors and shapes allows you to add a personal flair. More importantly, new doors are stronger and more secure in most cases, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy more peace of mind along with your curb appeal. A budget-friendly alternative is to simply paint your existing door and replace the hardware to give it a fresh new look.

1. New roofing

Roofing | #1 Home Improvement Project for 2017

Because it’s generally a once-a-lifetime purchase, a new roof is perhaps the best home improvement project for 2017. Changing your roof greatly increases the value of your home. Not only are there more colors available than ever before, but many new shingles are designed to last for several decades. A new roof is another project that beautifies your home while increasing its value. Unlike a new furnace, it’s aesthetically important and crucial to the home.

Whether you need a whole new roof or new windows, don’t trust these home renovation projects to anyone but the best. At Mr. Roof, our experience and expertise ensures you’ll get the highest quality workmanship, every time.