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Top Father’s Day Gifts for the Outdoor Dad

How many of your father’s favorite stories include fishing, hunting or camping? What about hiking? Kayaking? If your father is an outdoorsy type, then you don’t want to get him another tie, knock-off paintings, or knick-knack this Father’s Day. Get your father gifts he will not only enjoy but ones that he will use.

If Your Father is a Hunter

Trail cameras are sadly under-used tools for hunters. If you revisit an area or want to scope it out before visiting, it pays to learn what animals are regularly there. Bushnell gives you the perfect tool for such reconnaissance with the Bushnell® Ninja Cam 12MP Trail Camera. This trail camera boasts a 45-foot flash range from 20 low-glow LEDs and a 0.8-second trigger speed, perfect for capturing every animal that you might want to see.

Ninja Cam

Never underestimate the utility of a knife. Every outdoorsy father knows how necessary a knife is on any hunting trip. Knife design hasn’t changed much over the years, and the classics still work. The Buck 110 Folding Hunter Knife is a classic, and your father would appreciate its keen edge and strength.


If Your Father is a Fisher

On or near the water, your father needs to be kept safe. Cabela’s Tournament 3500 Auto Personal Flotation Device (PFD) will ensure that, should an accident occur, your father will be able to float to safety. This PFD will automatically inflate upon water immersion or can be triggered with a manual backup. Its specially designed flex points allow for a full range of motion while worn.

Life Jacket

Pliers are very useful for the fisherman, but all too often they end up in the drink. With Berkley’s Floating Pliers, however, your father will never need to lose another set of pliers to the depths. They also come in a needle nose hybrid version.


If Your Father is a Hiker or a Camper

Does your father love hiking? Does he also love coffee? This Father’s Day, get him a gift that will allow him to combine those two passions. There are several options when it comes to brewing coffee outdoors, from classic French presses to mugs that incorporate a similar design.

One of the best mugs for brewing coffee on the go is the Stanley Vacuum Coffee System. This coffee brewing set can be used to press 17 fluid ounces of delicious coffee, and it will keep it hot for hours. If your father feels like sharing, the lid can separate into two cups.


The Back Yard is Still Outdoors

Maybe your father isn’t the type to go on long hikes or fishing trips. Maybe he likes to do things outside, but without straying too far from the comforts of home. Perhaps your father enjoys sitting on the porch and whittling, tending to a small garden, or grilling. If your father is the backyard type of outdoorsy, consider these gifts for him this Father’s Day.

The Whittlin’ Jack from Flexcut Tool is one of the finest, simplest whittling knives you can find. Short of an entire set of whittling knives, this knife has the most versatility of any whittling knife on the market. And unlike a set of knives, this is easy to carry. This well-made tool allows full control over every fine detail so your father will be able to enjoy his hobby to the fullest, without needing a large toolkit.


Whole roasted chickens are undeniably delicious, but grilling them normally requires a lot of rotation to ensure they cook evenly. With the Two-in-One Vertical Chicken Roaster from Williams-Sonoma, grilling whole chickens is a much easier task. The vented center cones not only hold up two chickens while roasting, but can be filled with any liquid of your choice to infuse them with wonderful flavors. The cones can also be removed from the base of the roaster, transforming it into a griddle to cook side-dishes for the chickens.

Two in one Chicken Roaster

iGrill’s iGrill2 Bluetooth Grilling Thermometer may be an expensive gadget, but for any father trying to tend the grill and multi-task during a backyard get-together, it’s a lifesaver. Stick one or both temperature probes into the meat, set up an alarm on your phone through the iDevices connected application, and go drink a beer and talk about the game. When your meat reaches the desired temperature it will let you know. Want to check on the temperature before the alarm goes off? The thermometer has a proximity wake feature that will turn on the display as soon as you get close.


No matter what type of outdoors-man your father may be, keep this list in mind when it comes time to choose the perfect gift this Father’s Day. We created this blog because your Dad deserves the best this Father’s Day, and here at Mr. Roof we provide the best when it comes to quality products and services. If you want to see more blogs like this one find us on Facebook!