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What to Look for in a Roofer

What to look for in a roofer

Roof replacement is one of the most expensive repairs homeowners face. The materials are only a portion of what you pay for when you hire a roofing company. The rest is for the skilled labor necessary to complete the job. Who you choose affects the life of your roof and the resale value of your home. Anyone can put a ladder in the back of a truck and call themselves a roofer. Here are some tips for choosing the best pro when you’re investing in a new roof.

Solid Recommendations

rodThe best way to tell what kind of job a roofing company will do at your home is to hear from previous customers. Ask friends and neighbors who they would recommend. Once you have a few names, check references online. See what other people in your community say about the contractors you’re considering.

Friendly, Knowledgeable, and Experienced

When you meet a representative from companies you’re considering, check his appearance. If he doesn’t take care of his clothing and his vehicle, he probably will treat your home with the same level of care.

Find out if the contractor is licensed by your city or state. If he or she is, check with the appropriate office to make sure the license is current and there are no outstanding violations.

Verifiable Coverage

Ask to see proof-of-insurance certificates that show liability coverage and workers’ compensation. Read over work contracts to make sure they specify what type of shingles they’ll use. Obtain paperwork and proof-of-purchases for your shingles in case there are warranty issues down the road.

Find out what happens if you sell your home. Some companies offer transferable warranties that protect your investment now and offer additional incentives if you decide to sell later.

Clear Estimates

Roofing estimates should be free and at no obligation to you. All companies are different, but each estimate should include the following:

  • A project description that says what the job entails, gives dates for start and completion, and spells out payment.
  • A breakdown of the cost of labor and materials.
  • Additional costs such as the price of permits or fees for cleanup.
  • Information on shingles, ventilation, and warranties.

Many companies break payment into two parts. They ask for a portion, usually a third up front to cover materials and the remainder when the job is finished.

A Professional Roofing Job

13434mottlestonedr-2Look for roofers who provide a leak-proof job that lasts. Some repairs might not be necessary when you have your roof replaced, but they’re a lot easier and less expensive when the shingles are off. Have your roofer check for proper attic ventilation.

Install ridge and soffit vents to circulate cool air in the attic and prevent moisture buildup. Replace valley eaves and flashing at the same time as roofing materials.

Find out how roofers will protect your plants and how they’ll dispose of old roofing materials. An experienced roofer will have a plan in place to protect your property.

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