"I’m an engineer by trade, I analyze each and every decision. I had four estimates - each one promising more than the other. But after going through the lumber yard and reading through the shingle wrappers, selecting Mr. Roof’s ThunderGuard shingle was the clear choice. Mr. Roof’s is the most logical choice in roof replacement."

Louisville, Kentucky

"Our neighbors home took three weeks to complete and another two months before it stopped leaking. Our home, which is larger, took one day to complete. Every part of this experience was amazing. If you’re looking for a roofing company, our family would only recommend Mr. Roof."

Cincinnati, Ohio

"We thought a roofing company was just a roofing company - until the first rain. Thank God for Mr. Roof. They did an emergency roof replacement and saved our home. Do it right the first time - go with Mr. Roof."

Nashville, Tennessee

"I could not be happier with Mr. Roof. They do everything exactly as the sales person said they would do. I always go out of my way to recommend Mr. Roof to everyone."

Ann Arbor, Michigan