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Three things to know about Replacement Windows

Every home requires some maintenance and repair over time. While many people immediately think of roofing and siding as major home upkeep projects, equally important are your windows. Windows don’t just let light in: over time, your original windows can also allow the elements pass through, making your home less energy efficient.

Replacement windows can be a great investment by adding beauty and lowering your home energy bills. But do you know what questions to ask about replacement windows? Here are three things you need to know before you buy.

  1. Know how energy efficient your replacement windows are. Not all replacement windows are made equally. Every replacement window comes with its very own energy performance ratings. These are measured in R-Factor and U-Value. Your replacement windows should have a high R-Factor, and a low U-Value for maximum efficiency.
  2. Know what gas fills your replacement windows
    Years ago, replacement windows came with only one pane of glass. Since then, technology has advanced to introduce double-pane windows to the marketplace. For maximum efficiency, make sure your double-pane replacement windows are filled with insulating gas between the panes. Mr. Roof replacement windows are filled with argon: a non-toxic gas that offers maximum energy efficiency.
  3. Get an exact fit for your replacement windows
    Every home is different ? and requires different sizes of replacement windows. A window that is not a proper fit can let the elements in, requiring your home to work harder to stay comfortable. By making sure your replacement windows are a proper fit, you’ll not only improve the look of your home, but also save money on energy bills.

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