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How to Modernize Your House

Living in an outdated home creates more problems than just being embarrassed to host guests – old interior and exterior elements could actually compromise your home’s safety. An old roof, for example, could spring a bad leak in the next storm and cause expensive damage.

Modernizing your home’s décor, vital components, and landscaping delivers amazing returns such as enhanced home security and increased property value. You can welcome guests with confidence thanks to these tips for how to modernize your home. Get inspired!

Install Statement Windows

In the modern home, there’s no such thing as too much natural light. Natural light has several windows-ablehealth benefits, on top of making your home look like a photo from a home improvement magazine. Replacing your old windows with gorgeous, expansive ones will add openness to the rooms in your home. With the right windows, you can even eliminate the need for window treatments, saving you money on décor.

For example, the energy-efficient windows at Mr. Roof offer maximum protection from the sun’s UV rays, so you don’t need to purchase curtains to control your home’s light, temperature, or energy consumption. Our windows meet all the defined requirements from the National Fenestration Rating Council, and qualify as Energy Star-rated. Upgrading your windows gives your home a new look, plus plenty of other homeowner benefits.

Overhaul Your Old Décor

Take a good, hard look around your home. Are your décor choices sadly out of touch with the modern world? Not to worry – a few simple changes can give you a total update without major renovations. First, think minimal. Modern homes go for clean, sleek looks with lots of open spaces and empty counter tops. Get rid of clutter with smart storage solutions.

Next, choose one focal point for each room. Too many statement pieces can make your interior too busy. Decorate the rest of the room around this focal point, using colors and textures that complement but don’t overshadow your main piece. Finally, go with neutral shades like white, black, and creams to modernize your home and stay trendy for years to come.

Give Your Exterior a Face Lift

sidingYour home’s exterior is just as important as the interior when it comes to getting an upgrade. Nothing says “old fashioned” like siding from the 80s. If your siding is old, damaged, or plain embarrassing, come to Mr. Roof for a fashion-forward update. We offer exciting siding selections like vinyl, cement, composite, and solid core in a wide variety of colors.

Updating your siding makes the right kind of statement from the curb, and makes your home the talk of the neighborhood. For a truly modern look, mix your siding with other materials and textures such as exposed brick or natural stone. The masons at Mr. Roof can help you achieve this contemporary home look.

Vamp Up Your Lawn and Gardens

Your garden is an important staple on your property. Modernize your landscaping and gardens to make your home really shine. Modern gardens aren’t just for looks – they’re for expanding usable space. Place furniture in your garden such as benches or even old-fashioned sofas to create cutting-edge yet functional outdoor areas. Add appealing plants like yucca, canna, and red-hot poker for show-stopping colors and textures. Your landscaping should complement the architecture and style of your home for an overall look that says wow.

Let Your Masonry Shinechim2

One of the top trends of today is gorgeous, eye-catching masonry on the exterior of homes. Chimneys are no longer elements that homeowners try to hide or ignore. Nowadays, beautiful bricks and stunning patterns make the chimney an exterior focal point. With the right masons, your chimney can set off your siding choices and landscaping without sticking out like a sore thumb.

Choose a chimney with masonry that matches the features of your home’s exterior, or go with something completely new for an intriguing modern look. The professional masons at Mr. Roof can help you design and build your perfect chimney.

Join the 21st Century with Modern Roofing

Last, but certainly not least, inspect your roof. Does it have missing shingles, bald spots, or unsightly green algae growth? An old, outdated roof can be more than just an eyesore – it can lead to considerable home damage in a storm.

Replacing your roof can keep your home safe and give the building a more modern appearance. Update your asphalt shingles or go with a more modern option like metal roofing. Change up the color of your roof to make a statement and give your home a fresh new appearance. Work with the experienced roofers at Mr. Roof for help modernizing your roofing system. Contact us today!