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Is Painted Brick the New Trend?

Painted bricks are certainly everyone’s’ favorite, and we understand the reasons for this being the case. Although not exactly a new trend, this technique continues to be as popular as when the style came out a couple of years ago. This article will discuss the benefits of painted bricks and the many, many choices you can have when deciding on which colors to choose.

Why Use Painted Bricks?

Well, it all comes down to a style statement and standing out in the end. Painted bricks are a way to stand out from the crowd and to make your house look unique and fresh. We love how painted bricks tend to add texture onto the house without being busy. Ranging from the exteriors to fireplaces, from backsplashes on the walls, they have the potential to add character and highlight specific features of your home.

Many times, the natural color of the bricks you’re using do not go along with the aesthetic you had in mind for your house. Or maybe you are looking for an easy way to update and refresh the feel of your home. Painting bricks in your choice of colors can expand your options.

Brick homes come in a range of colors, and they typically look great in their natural state. However, the addition of paint on these bricks can give your house a whole new look and can improve the curb appeal of your property.

White Painted Bricks

Solid bricks that are painted white can be used to create a sophisticated look. The clean canvas can be used to create a more modern look for your home. White painted bricks are not only ideal for your exterior but can also be great for interior walls and fireplaces.

Grey Painted Bricks

If white painted bricks are not the right ones for you, then perhaps grey painted bricks are more your style. This color choice is a perfect alternative to white and can give an unmatchable classic look. The grey has a more traditional look and pairs well with many different types of homes.

Sage Green Painted Bricks

All over the world, the color green makes a statement about where people live. You can paint your brick sage green to add a natural element into your home design. The earthy greens of the bricks will allow your house to blend into the environment surrounding your home.

The Benefits

There are many benefits to painting the brick exterior of your home or adding a coat of paint to a fireplace or interior wall.

  • You will boost the curb appeal of your house. You can create a major visual impact by using paint to update the look of your home.
  • Painted bricks are much easier to clean with occasional power washing. Bricks are porous, and so when they are not painted, dirt and debris get trapped within them making it difficult to clean them.
  • Painting a brick surface can be an inexpensive way to update your home.

Painted bricks are a current trend that can easily add a modern touch to update your home and increase curb appeal. If you are looking for a quick inexpensive update consider adding a coat of paint to your brick surface.

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