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What You Need to Know for Tornado Season in Louisville, KY

What you need to know for tornado season in Louisville, Kentucky

Tornadoes are the most violent and destructive weather events in the world. They can cause devastation in a matter of seconds. The United States sees more tornadoes than any other country. In Louisville, KY, spring and summer are the most dangerous for tornadoes, which thrive in heat and moisture, but tornadoes have occurred in Kentucky in every month of the year throughout history. Tornadoes are frightening, but there are things you can do to improve the safety and protection of your home. Here’s how to prepare for tornadoes this season and minimize your losses in the event of a natural disaster.

Weatherproof Your Home

In the past, April has been a very active month for tornadoes in Kentucky. The best thing you can do for your home and family is take steps to prepare for potential tornadoes this season. While nothing can prevent damage in the event of a direct hit, many preventative measures can minimize the effects of a nearby twister or other bad storm. Here are three tips from the experts at Mr. Roof Louisville:

  • Protect from flying debris. Flying debris in a tornado or windstorm can break through your windows and doors, coming inside your home and wreaking havoc. The best way to prevent this is with secure doors and windows. Impact-resistant windows can withstand flying debris without breaking, while sturdy doors won’t give in under pressure.tornado
  • Fortify your roofing system. Tornadoes exert upward wind pressure against your roof. If the roof lifts off, the walls have no stability and will collapse. Hurricane clips on your roof can keep your roofing system in place despite strong winds. Consider replacing your roof with a stronger, more solid model designed to withstand high winds.
  • Enhance your insulation. Your insulation protects against wind, flooding, and temperature changes in the event of a major storm. Replace old, inefficient insulation before tornado season to increase your chances of keeping the elements outdoors.

Weatherproofing is an important action in Louisville, KY, but you should also have a tornado shelter on your property or nearby. All of the home preparation in the world can’t defend against property destruction if a tornado directly strikes your home.

Prepare for Common Storm Damages

On top of weatherproofing your home, you should keep in mind common storm damages and prepare for them to occur. No matter how much you prepare, your home may still fall prey to flying debris, falling trees, gale-force winds, heavy rains, and hail or sleet. Common types of storm damage include:windows-boarded

  • Broken windows.
  • Roof damage.
  •  Leaking roof.
  •  Flooding.
  •  Structural issues from high winds.
  • Siding damage.
  • Fires from lightning strikes.

The best way to prepare for storm damage repair is to partner with a trusted contractor that can quickly and efficiently replace broken windows, missing shingles, and torn-off siding after bad weather. Mr. Roof has served Kentucky residents through dozens of tornado seasons, and knows how to optimize repairs and replacements when needed. We offer lifetime roofing warranties for long-lasting peace of mind.

How to Tell if You Need a New Roof

In the aftermath of a tornado, don’t assume your home is safe because it didn’t collapse. The storm may have damaged the integrity or structure of your home and its major systems, weakening it and making it vulnerable in future storms. Hire a contractor to inspect the exterior of your home, checking the windows, siding, roof, gutters, and insulation for problems. Loose joints, cracked masonry, and water damage can all point to the need for roofing repairs or replacement. You may need a new roof if:house-damage

  • There are sagging spots.
  • Many shingles are broken or missing.
  • Your shingle-sealing strip shows damage.
  • Lots of water leaked into your home.
  • Your roof feels soft or spongy underfoot.
  • You notice water stains on your siding.
  •  Your flashing is damaged.
  • Granules from your roof fill your gutters.

Your insurance company may cover roof repairs or even replacements after a storm. Find a reputable contractor to restore your roofing system, making repairs or replacing the roof as needed. Mr. Roof excels in storm damage repair, and can complete most jobs – even major ones – the same day. We can also help you prevent major roof damage in the next storm.

Storm Damage Repair Professionals in Louisville, KY

Mr. Roof has served citizens of Louisville, KY, since our start in 1962, offering superb customer service, lifetime warranties on Louisville roofing jobs, and 24-hour turnarounds. We are trusted contractors for roofing, siding, gutters, new windows, and more. Give your home its best chance this tornado season with our help.