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How to Save Money on Roof Replacements

Replacing your roof can be an expensive process. Thankfully, there are ways to save money and replace your roof within your budget. Make sure that you do your research about the types of roofs that are available and to make sure you find one that is appropriate for your local weather. Ask for multiple quotes (Mr. Roof offers free estimates) from roofers and be sure to check their references. Choose the best time to replace your roof and find out if your insurance company will cover the costs.

Start With a Professional Inspection

After examining your own roof, you might realize that you need to replace it. However, a  roofing expert from Mr. Roof can carefully examine your roof and give you advice about whether your roof needs repairs or replacement, and whether or not it is old age or storm damage.

Conduct Your Own Research

Learning about the basics of roofing will help you understand what you need in a roof replacement and how to look for a good deal. Review the services that companies offer and learn the roofing terms used so that you can thoroughly understand the research. This can help you understand what’s included in your estimate and whether the services are what you need.

You should also know about your current roofing, including the dimensions and type of roof you have. This will help you estimate the average price of that size roof and what roofing materials you want to be used on your home. You don’t have to use the same roofing material as your current roof. If you notice certain weather conditions damage your roof, you can choose a stronger and more durable material for your new roof.

Shop Around

Looking at roofing company prices and services will help you get an idea of the ideal price for you and that choice that fits your budget the best. If a company is offering a price that’s extremely low, then it might not provide the best work. You should also check references and reviews. A good roofing company is open to sharing previous work and connecting you with previous clients, so you can ask about their experiences with a roofing company.

Asking your neighbors about the roofers they’ve used is also a good idea. It can help you find an excellent company and weed out companies that are not.

Sometimes negotiations are effective in lowering the roof replacement price. But when negotiating prices with a contractor, make sure you get all the details spelled out in writing to ensure that you are getting all the services and materials you need.

Check Your Insurance

If storms, debris, and extremely windy weather have damaged your roof, you may qualify to have your insurance cover the costs of roof replacement. We recommend you call a roofing expert before calling your insurance. For some insurance companies making that first phone call counts as a claim and depending on the type of damage, you might not want to file one. If you call Mr. Roof first, we will send someone out to inspect your roof for free, and all of our roofing experts are highly experienced when it comes to roofing and working with insurance. They will help walk you through the whole process and make sure you get what you need.

Ask About Financing

Another avenue to consider with roof replacement is signing up for easy financing. When you need a new roof, you need one, and we believe in making it affordable for everyone. For this reason, we offer easy financing so you can get a new roof no matter what your budget is. Call today, to sign up for a free estimate!